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Inspection tomorrow eeeek


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We have had the call. Ofsted called me (chair) as couldn't get though to the setting, I said we do not have someone monitoring phones and maybe best to try at 2.45... they understood and said they would keep trying the manager. 

Fast forward as I collect my daughter I asked the manager did she get the call. She had no idea! The phone is in the kitchen and i guess difficult to hear. She did speak to the inspector eventually.

Typical timing...we have just had a skip delivered (on the road outside) and had a good sort out recentlty. Staff member down tomorrow too.

As the chair/nominate person and relatively un-experienced I am feeling very nervous.... I told the manager to give me a call if she needed anything or a hand. It's 8.30pm and not heard anything! 

Wish us luck. We have had good for last 10 years and hope to get maintain our current grade (it's been a difficult year too with staff leaving etc)



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It's official now :-)

We received a 'good' in all areas which is what I expected but also didn't want to assume.

Everyone is happy, a few areas to work on.

Have little to say on inspection itself as I was only asked to sit in at the end for the feedback. Manager covered everything (was slightly surprised and has lots of notes jotted down)

Phew. I doubt I'll be around for the next one so glad I managed to get through this so can leave my successor a little more comfortable :-)



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Well done C1403!

 We also got a Good on our inspection at the end of Nov. Our recommended improvements are to do with tracking and using data for wider range of cohorts.  Also staff CPD and the impact from staff training.

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