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Stop the Running - Research article

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I came across this article on Twitter - I am glad I did as I learnt so much in the 1/2 hour it took me to read it properly.

I am not a SEND specialist but in my career I have worked with children with wide-ranging needs. This research article showed me that sometimes my responses to children 'making a run for it' have not been helpful. I am sure that there are lots of effective strategies for managing this behaviour, but this one made sense to me and was extremely well explained and exemplified. I am going to share this article with colleagues at nursery and see if we can discuss and understand the behaviour management theories shared. It will give us a head start if we need to support a child and their family with a similar issue in the future.


Stop the Running - Research article (links via Twitter)


Stop the Running article.pdf


Have any FSF members had any experience of this?

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Thanks Rebecca, I didn't have a problem opening it. Not exactly "new" information but well explained as to what happens, and how , why and how to assess and apply interventions, loved the term "eloper"


Interesting,t, I didn't like the term at all, and it made a barrier to me reading the article fully

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Putting the choice of word 'elopement' aside - how have other members managed children who have a tendency to 'make a run for it?' My only experience wasn't with an SEN child but with a child who like to create drama around them and so would often 'bolt' out of the nursery into our large (secure garden) and then hide. It was a very stressful period for staff as they were constantly on edge.

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not surprisingly (!) I have experienced this several times. If the area is secure then often it's a case of not paying any attention...even getting everyone to walk away!! but every case is different and this article is referring to needing to get away from a challenging situation (from my quick read through). ABC charts may be helpful to sort out the why? then staff can sort out a plan. Often I find that in the most challenging situations ...like forest school my bolters are the ones that stick to my legs!. My daughter looked after a chap who used to bolt on to the roof to get away!

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