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I see that you had your last inspection in 2009. I work with several outstanding nursery schools and under the schools inspection framework they are inspected every 3 years, regardless of being outstanding, whilst outstanding primary schools are not due to be inspected ever again as far as I can see!! The rationale is that they have no data for Ofsted to check how well they are doing, but the same applies to other providers too. Just wondering about this inconsistency and whether this will change in the CIF.


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Hi Catma


I also work with many other settings and have had conversations with managers who said they haven't been inspected for 6 years plus, I think its all to do with the time cycles the inspection period comes into.


I also hope that inspections for all providers/settings are consistent so that it is a fair system for all, yes hopefully the new CIF will address this.


Carol x

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