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We run from a village hall and therefore have to pack EVERYTHING away each day, I have finally (after about 9 months) managed to convince the village hall committee to let us use one of the notice boards in the foyer, I've bought some perspex to cover the front of it so I know it won't get ripped up etc but now I need to know what to put on it! I want it for parents information but also to advertise the fact that we run a pre-school from there.....

So far I have got a border!?!? Session times, contact details, ofsted certificate, insurance certificate and obviously the name of the pre-school but there will still be lots of room left as it is a large board so does anyone have any ideas what else to put on it? I don't want to put any names/photo's on as it is obviously a public building :1b

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Hi we are in a pack away village hall and have recently purchased and erected a lockable noticeboard too. It has taken us since 1968 to agree to one so we are thrilled.

We have all of the above as well as any fundraising, the totals raised so far for the year, newsletters, links to other items parent/carers might be interested in. We also have Ofsteds complaints number and our local Children Centres speech and Language drop ins.

We won our local Carnival yesterday for best decorated float, so our certificate and rosette will be proudly displayed there too this week.

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Pritty much same here too..... Session times, tel number, children centre leaflet, staff picture/name and list of staff duties, no mobile phone sign, comment box (made out of a very small cardboard box pinned to board with a pen). Our Ofsted certificate, insurance, Ofsted complaint poster and other items are on part of a Velcro folding display board that we put out and locate next to signing in desk as we have run out of space. Oh the joys of not calling the walls your own ?

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On our permanent noticeboard we have:

Registration Certificate

Insurance Certificate

Quality Assurance Placards

European School Milk Notice https://www.coolmilk.com/node/91 which we are obliged to put up (see previous post milk thingy!)

Latest Newsletter and Housekeeping Notes


We then hijack other spaces for things like the Ofsted poster, sweat and tshirt prices, lunch menus, website password, etc. which we take down when we pack away !! (Oh for a purpose built setting :rolleyes: )

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Where did you get the poster from loubyloo?


To be honest I haven't a clue!!

I think I saw on this forum that we needed one, so possibly followed a link. I may even have just made my own using the logo- mine may even be out of date now....

If I can find the document on my old laptop tomorrow I will try and upload it. When I tried to follow suej's link it looked rather complicated!!

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Okay after a little research, if you type in EU milk poster it will bring up the European Union one. This is the one that should be displayed. Unless you belong to a milk scheme like Cool Milk, then they have their own one to display.

Might be worth having a little read as there are changes being made to reimbursement of individual providers too, from Oct 2014 only 6 months to claim as opposed to 2 years.

Milk to be provided by a scheme in 2015 as opposed to buying yourselves if you currently do it this way.


Not sure how this is going to work for us but will wait and see.:)

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Just asked admin to order the milk one , we have a permanent notice board in the foyer with staff list of who is in , Ofsted report, children centre info ,order forms for uniform, complaints/ Ofsted info , phone number , childcare voucher poster etc a parent gave us a lot of office stuff so put up 2 clear Perspex holders for leaflets and folder containing newsletters. We have a lockable portable notice board which hangs out front and stays there ( got fed up with bringing in each day and is great for when preschool is shut ) we also have portable rack for folders containing policies, comments book , visitors book and collection book .


As a chair of our village hall please emphasise to the trustees or committee the revenue that your setting brings in and the fact the building is a community one and why you should be able to have permanent notice boards . If your hall is anything like ours ( in need of decoration) our boards brighten everything up

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I have a small board and on mine is our overall, planning for the week, vocabulary we are using, newsletter, forest school dates and that's all I have room for, boring posters are relegated to the cupboard doors including the milk thingy one!

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