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    We do toast, cereal, rice cakes, pasta, soup, smoothies, yogurt etc
  2. Wanting job back

    We actually have a policy to say that any staff member who leaves then wants to come back does not get any preferential treatment, they come along just like anyone else and have an interview etc. My personal thoughts are that if they handed in their notice there was a reason for it so why would they want to come back again......you said they were having a tough time - did they actually tell you at the time that they had had a bereavement? if so why did they not ask for some compassionate leave? call me cynical but it seems strange that they had another job lined up yet were handing their notice in with you because they were going through a tough time? That makes me sound really cold but I don't mean it in that way
  3. Snow Plan

    We stay open wherever possible and if needed would work to minimum ratio - we always have lots of children off if the weather is really bad and schools are closed anyway. Staff who don't get in don't get paid unfortunately - not their fault I know but not the settings fault either. We haven't had to close once and absolutely LOVE snow days. We are lucky in that 5 of us staff live within walking distance of the setting so staffing hasn't been a problem so far - touch wood!
  4. Log in on the browser Click on 'Children' Click on the name of the child who's 2 year check you want to do In the drop down list click on 'reports' Click 'New Report' then name it and write in the boxes - we just do the Prime areas for ours
  5. Hi, I share a child with another setting but the child is leaving us and moving full time to the other setting, we have had separate Tapestry journals for the child so I am going to transfer our one to the new setting but is there any way for them to actually combine both journals once I have done it? So they just have the one journal? Hope that makes sense!
  6. packed lunches

    Sandwiches or similar first, then fruit and then whatever else they fancy - although treats are limited as some children bring 3 or 4 chocolate bars etc!
  7. Website

    I am definitely not technically minded in any way, shape or form but I have easily managed to set up a website using 'Weebly' it's very straightforward It's free to use, however I have paid to upgrade so I can password protect some of the pages that have photo's on
  8. Managing staff using tapestry in sessions

    We had exactly the same issue so now staff take the photo 'in the moment' jot some notes and then they have 1 hour non contact time each week to type them up fully then they do the linking at home. It works so much better and everything runs much smoother now I have also put my foot down and limited to 1 in depth, multi linking observation per week per child as some staff were doing 2 or 3 a day. We do have one observation per child each half term which is just updated with wow moments or snippets they have said etc and then that is added to journal at the end of the half term - so at the moment the observation is called 'Summer chat' - Hope that makes sense?!
  9. Hi there, I've just found out that y LA is not renewing their subscription at the end of June - their reason being that most settings only use this site to use Tapestry and Tapestry is not something they promote (No idea if they have actually spoken to any settings but I don't know any that only use this site for Tapestry!!) Anyway, what do I do as we do use Tapestry and I don't want anything to happen to my account.....do I need to email someone to link up a subscription to this site and my Tapestry account? Thank you
  10. My understanding is when I child draws something or builds something with bricks and tells me what it is - for example draws a shape of some kind and says it is their Mum, or builds a line of bricks that joins up at both ends, then puts a toy duck in the middle and says it's a pond So yes I would agree with what your thinking is too
  11. Ofsted questions for staff

    They chose a child then asked the key person to basically talk them through their journey so far, wanting to see and hear about starting points, baseline, if they were behind/ahead in any areas wanting to see documentation of discussions with parents, asking about what the focus was now and what next steps are being planned for etc
  12. Diarrhea policy

    We send home after one 'episode' and are very strict with enforcing our 48 hour rule - this is the government guidelines. The exclusion periods for all illnesses can be found here - http://www.publichealth.hscni.net/sites/default/files/A2%20Schools%20poster_1.pdf(although I believe that one is out of date now?) so we also have the document found on her - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/infection-control-in-schools-poster We do have some complaints from parents saying their child was only sick once or they only had an upset tummy once because they had eaten loads of vegetables or something but we do stand firm
  13. USB sticks

    We gave parents the choice to either bring a memory stick/card or disc in or they could download them themselves
  14. Staff member of medication

    Do you have staff declaration forms for medications etc? getting all staff to renew them then speak to the staff member in question could open lines of communication then you can get first hand information?
  15. Very low temperature in nursery

    I'm sure the HSE states the minimum legal temperature for workers is 16 degrees.....I think it might be higher where children of this age are concerned though?