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  1. Questionnaire

    Can I ask about the registration part of it? Do you use it instead of paper forms? We have an indepth registration form but are due to review it next month in prep for GDPR, do you get parents to fill it in on site? we have most things electronic now and use survey monkey too, I looked at google forms but got a little confused so left it alone.
  2. That's the answer I was hoping for, I would try a stepped approach, so for instance you can do a visual chart say 3 images of clothes, when he gets wet one image is removed and one set is used out of his bag, and so on when he's used them all that's it no more changing hence why I was hoping he didn't like your clothes as this then if the wetness was a detriment to his health is the only way he could get changed. Go for an easy target first so if mum is on board say 5 changes max all day then praise him for not needing all five, keep this going till he shows a positive reaction to his accomplishment, then you drop it down by one (only one) and so on. Smart targets for him that are achievable but then he will on the opposite side of things have to battle against himself and his feelings. If it's anxiety related the only way to overcome the feelings he has is for his mind to realise nothing bad will happen if he is wet or mucky, if changing him as he requests happens at home or nursery then this reinforces the feelings that his mind is right and he should be scared of the unknown. As someone above has said really try where possible to increase his messy play, the above strategy is linked to the ladders of success. Anxiety and ASD lie very very close together, with the SPD id do very similar in expanding his sensory play. Good luck x
  3. When you change him will he wear the settings spare clothes?
  4. Risk assessment for Grommets

    As above never done a RA for this, I also would not restrict water even swimming is fine after recovery so wouldn't be worried over water play, only thing I could even possibly think of is to watch for changes to child's attention etc and possible infections as they can easily fall out, they are that small you would probably just sweep it up so if a change is noticed during child's time let parents know so they can see if they want Dr to have a quick look. The aspect of risk and reducing/elimination of risk carnt think of anything. Had multiple children in setting with grommets also one of mine also had them for a few years till they both fell out. Ike sunny days idea though lol
  5. Committee/manager help

    My meetings are set for the year, as long as we have quorum they go ahead, the secretary takes minutes and notes actions these are then shared via e-mail afterwards, prior to the meeting usually week before I send my managers report to all which outlines my agenda and also asks any specific questions ready for decisions to be made I make it clear where decisions WILL be made if needed specific documents are attached for reading like a new policy or adapted policy, I make a point decisions will be made at the meeting so if you are not going to be present and wish for your opinion/vote to be counted you must respond via e-mail by a certain date. My managers report by the way is more a reflective document over what has happened, points they need to be aware of with actions to be taken if any or any issues that are becoming apparent, its to keep them in the loop and knowledgeable about the setting. The meeting: chair goes through last meeting notes, ratification happens, action points addressed shouldn't take long as minutes have already been circulated prior to meeting. I then go onto my report talking in detail about my points i have put down, I ensure my needs are met by way of actions being agreed, this part of the meeting is mine i run it, i move on my agenda as needed. I support the committee members in their roles by for example in email I would comment on a part and highlight it "Wendy this bit is in your role, any questions" this helps them pin point things and supports them to get to grips with which bits they should be doing, I also do this in the meeting..."right Bob this is your role, accident overview report says this x,y,z any questions, for example you could ask me how we are going to reduce the number of accidents in the 3's room " if they have questions or suggest ideas its put as an action so they feel apart of it and helps them grow in their role. If I have something I need addressing/sanctioning outside of meetings I send an e-mail to all detailing the issue then with my suggested outcome and if applicable other possible outcomes, i then put in BOLD/HIGHLIGHTED date to respond by (not like a day but more a week or so), i put i will go with majority response and if no replies I will action it as I have suggested. Its all done by e-mail so its open and transparent and a paper trail. I do this for purchases above my threshold if needed, staffing etc, only thing I don't do is e-mail all with staffing issues, I just e-mail chair and secretary to keep it as a need to know basis for details, an overview is given to the board but anonymously, again this has time frames applied and I suggest what action/s should/could be taken using policies etc to back it up. Every term I send an e-mail to committee member who is nominated safeguarding I do an overview of number of children on register with additional support under safeguarding, if policies etc are up to date, any implications recent cases have had on the setting, any additional support we could look at putting in place, if any persistent absentees and what we have done to encourage them to come and anything else we could do. This is all done as an overview so identification is not possible of the families concerned. This is then minuted to have happened at a committee meeting and any actions we propose from us both are discussed and action'd. Its getting the balance right between the committee doing their roles as an employer but yet you as manager supporting and guiding them as they can not be expected to know how or what to do unless their current skills allow them to. I view my role as that of an adviser to them, I support and guide them but yet after a few months they usually have grown in confidence and knowledge to do it more independently. I cover legislation in meetings, so for example one meeting if i haven't got much to report I will go through with them a piece of legislation like data protection what we do and why or safeguarding and whistle blowing reflecting on what they should do if i get reported by a staff member to the person on committee or if a staff member instead of going to me about another staff member they go to the committee. (this is noted in minutes so supports with OFSTED evidence) Hope that helps to give you an idea of how I keep it moving, its not perfect by any means but I have taken on more of a view that I need an answer and my job is to make sure i get an answer. Take the bull by the horns give it a go in a way that works for the setting if it works then great if not then no one can say you didn't try , get an understanding with them of what they feel their roles are and what they think you should be able to do without asking as you may find they say they thought you would do that without asking so dont see the importance of it to their role. Good luck
  6. Hi, I have a child who is the younger sibling of two, the eldest passed away shortly after birth. The child has only ever seen pictures of his sibling as a tiny baby and visits his grave often, he joins in celebrations for his birthday by ways of days out and see's items around the house that are his siblings. Even though he never me his sibling it is very much apart of their lives but yet as a 3 year old is somewhat confused, do you fabulous lot know of any books (has a love of books so that's helpful) that I can source to support the child in their understanding and allowance to express their thoughts. Thank you
  7. Committee/manager help

    Are you a PLA member? they have documents to help support you in telling the committee what they should/need to be doing, also have you an area advisor or PLA adviser that can come to a committee meeting and help explain and discuss where you are as a management team and how to move forward. I would (and have done) written down what i NEED as a manager from them and then keep on top of them doing it, I ask very little from them as they are volunteers but they also have engaged in taking on the position so I ensure actions are followed up at each meeting. I would reserve leaving until I has tried everything as you know you will probably out run the committee as they move on, If you are contemplating leaving then what have you to loose in terms of asking for what you need? if you get it then great move forward if nothing changes or its met with hostility then off you go with plan B and move on. I once felt so overworked and not fully supported by the committee that I did just that and it worked well, I thought as said I have nothing to loose as I was at point of leaving anyway. You need to know they back you and your decisions and that they share your values and views, get it wrote down and agreed so then you can refer back to it and the staff team will follow you if they know its a united management front.
  8. SEND

    I would like a print out of the SEND DMs for all stages, any idea how I could do this? Want to have a hard copy to refer to for a bit till I get them more concreted in my memory (blame it on old age)
  9. which bank account

    We use the Unity which is good, we use post office to deposit cash and have all online set up. Can have numerous signatories and online authorisations but looking at others to compare fee's, how's people fees with other banks?
  10. Heating child's lunches

    We refuse to do it, if it's not cooked properly and you reheat the child becomes ill - where does the responsibility lie?
  11. Training Question

    Search for work based training providers for early educators, there are lots of training companies who come to your place of work once every month or so and the person completes the course while working. It now costs I believe 10% of the course as a payable fee but the rest can be covered usually by a student loan, if I remember right my recent level 3 sign up cost me £300 but can be paid by instalments if you wish. Get the training providers to sell to you why you should go through their company don't think their doing you a favour it's other way round they need your buisness. They will sign up new starters at any point in the year also.
  12. DBS - who do you use?

    Errr think it's £52 and then the volunteer one is around £8 I will check that though! I left Capita a few years ago after an argument with them. It turns out when you submit your DBS it gets assigned to one person then it's their job to complete initial checks to send off to next stage, however if like in my case for a staff member waiting to start my allocated worker went on sick leave and this means the application stops! They can not access this persons work load and e mails so it sits there..... I was utterly fuming I could do another one but it would cost us again so we had to wait think it was about 3 or 4 weeks in total from submission to having initial checks completed by capita and so very unhelpful so needless to say I ran for the hills. I really like Atlantic online site, easy to use, and if I need to question anything very helpful on phone. Yet to find a negative, oh and we have an account so put credit on of any amount and use as needed x
  13. Funding question

    I am assuming EYPP is only paid for the first 15 hours though? anyone confirm this???? Yes that is correct, our LA have made a suggestion that if a child is splitting funding over different settings the one who receives the EYPP could be responsible for arranging and leading any multi agency meetings, it was just an idea they threw into the mix.
  14. DBS - who do you use?

    I use Atlantic data, set up was very easy, payments and online tracking is great too no complaints and I've run around 10 through them http://www.disclosuresdbs.co.uk/earlyyears/
  15. Powder paint

    Washing up liquid and PVA