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  1. packed lunches

    Sandwiches (or whatever is obviously their main ) after they have eaten some of it then we would allow crisps (dont you all eat crisps alongside your snadwiches) then whatever they want. Although I suppose sometimes this depends on the child- if its one that we know would eat all the crisps and then leave the sandwiches then we would ensure the sandwiches are eaten first.
  2. What do you do?

    We swap nothing, all our sessions are virtually full anyway- so hard to accommodate even an additional session. If someone wants to keep their child off for the session (for whatever reason) then that is up to them. They get no refund or alternative session. Sometimes I think some people just do not live in the real world. I wouldn't worry about them, they know what they are getting into before they start-presumably they like the way you operate or they wouldn't have started their child with you- so why try to change things. I would also say to them- if we start to let people swap sessions around (with or without notice) then this can also work in reverse- imagine turning up here or being told You cant come today/ next Tuesday as I dont have enough staff- they've swapped their sessions.
  3. AGM Question

    If we (staff) didnt attend our AGM we would have no one there as parents certainly didnt attend this year- Apart from committee I think there was a grand total of 2 parents attended!
  4. Chair/Manager Relationship

    I gave my staff (have done it a couple of times and got the idea from someone here) a form to complete 2 stars and a wish. So they completed it with two things they thought we (as a group) did really well and one thing they would like to change. Couldnt be personal- so I dont like the way so & so does x, y or z, was out Could be annonymous but in a small long established staff team, I would have recognized all writing anyway. Also couldnt be 'business' related so no - I wish I was paid more/could take holiday in term time or any other contractual issues. What it did do was give a couple of younger/quieter staff members a voice without being shouted down. I have a staff member who is very good but anytime someone/me asks for an opinion doesnt give others a chance to speak- sometimes I actually have to say 'wait a minute- so and so is speaking' Consequently I sometimes get "I agreed/disagreed with you but couldnt be bothered to say as I didnt want an argument etc" This worked well as in addition to the above it made everyone else think, or say no I dont like that either. However would this work for you as it sounds like that for whatever reason your manager is the issue here- or rather relations between manager and staff have broken down. What sort of issues do they feel they cannot bring up with the manager and do they say why they cant? Are they personal or work related?
  5. up-dating Learning Journeys

    Panders I totally agree, there is a big difference between taking something home overnight to update and storing records off site. I wonder if that is a question we could ask ?? - sorry the name has escaped me!
  6. up-dating Learning Journeys

    I'm not being difficult but nowhere in our registration does it say you cannot take childrens documents home. Or am I missing it? It's not ideal for documents to go home but really sometimes its just that or not doing it.
  7. Funding

    Sunnyday- tell them- tell them very loudly so there is no mistake about how little funding is paid and how much of a difference there actually is between fees and funding. Ours will be £1.10p I have always told parents (not that the vast majority really care particularly) and yes it is their problem. they need to know and need to help do something to try and change things. We are signed up for 30 hours but will see how we are managing financially by the end of the year. We have just over 12 children signed up for 30 hours so far for next term- which is a lot of money we are losing. WE open for 26.5 hours per week and since we opened for the additional 11.5 hours over and above the 15 funded (around 5 years now) have managed to accumulate a fairly healthy bank balance- but I do wonder how much we will be using of this bank balance now to subsidize our income over the next academic year. We have decided that from September once a child is in receipt of funding we will be charging them a £25 voluntary 'fund raising contribution' except its not going to be voluntary, each new child coming into us have signed a T&C form where this is spelt out quite clearly. We have also said why we are being forced into this. Quite honestly if you are getting five mornings per week for nothing then paying out £25 every three months isnt too bad and I dont feel you can complain. No one has said anything, well one lady did tell me we shouldnt be doing it and it should be a voluntary contribution but she has now decided that we are not the right setting for her child so that's fine. Anyone else who doesnt like it can do the same thing. To be honest we have played by the rules for so long and its got us nowhere. I'm sick of doing everything we should do and watching other groups charge deposits, top up fees and more and getting away with it. if people dont like it they are free to go elsewhere or they can report us to our LA. Who still havent paid our full funding for this term!! They owe us for quality supplements and inclusion funding still. I pointed out to them today that if a parent owed us that amount of money we would be stopping sessions until the debt was paid. They deliberately 'misunderstood ' me and replied that I could not withhold funded hours. I got so cross that I ended up firing an email back saying as I still hadnt received the proper funding there were no funded hours to withhold so would do what I wanted with them. I thought i better stop at that point before things got worse- but am sure i will get a phone call off someone tomorrow. So sorry Sunyday have completely gone off track here but am so mad over the whole funding issue, let alone the 30 hour fiasco. thats it- rant over
  8. Rebecca, do you mean you subtract the funded hours? I have always understood you could not deduct the monetary value of these hours.
  9. checking codes for 30 hours

    I think what they lose is the childcare element of tax credits - but they aren't actually losing it as they are getting an additional 15 hours paid for. I think that's what is meant- I'm not really up on tax credits- they weren't around when my children were dependents.
  10. checking codes for 30 hours

    Yes, we have had the same email- asked LA what should term time settings like us should do. Told- we would have to contact all of our parents that think they may be eligible and get them to get the code and pass on to us and sign a permission slip as well. This is fine for existing parents but we have a lot coming in Sept that could be eligible. Apart from the amount of work this has caused us all for 0.90p per hour less than we get now in fees- parents are now coming back to us saying website keeps crashing and they cant get on or they've rang to be told by HMRC they will be given a number in the next 15 days- where we will be finished. I really do not want to spend the summer holidays checking emails and sending on stuff to our LA . I'm so mad about this- its just more proof that this was so ill thought out.
  11. How Short is Too Short?

    Our setting are the same! Although we did have a parent turn up to collect in the skimpiest of shorts and a top which I'm sure the term 'side boob' was invented for!
  12. Professional Love policy

    Ms Jones needs to filter this information back down to her inspectors. Its all very well telling us that the only policies required are clearly stated in EYFS- we know this- she needs to be telling the inspectors.
  13. Professional Love policy

    For goodness sake- whatever next! I'm sorry but I cannot begin to tell you what thoughts the words ' professional love' conjour up. I cannot think of a worse term.
  14. Recording fees...how r u doing it ?

    Thanks Sarah. Have downloaded and will have a play tomorrow. Although I had planned to definitely start using Brightbooks in Sept- it has just occurred to me that with the start of the 30 hours and with us only being open for 26 hours we arent going to be invoicing many parents beyond the Sept term! By Christmas most of ours will be 3.
  15. Recording fees...how r u doing it ?

    I've just been having a mess around with Brightbooks and I'm really impressed, especially for a free program. I think I will start using it for September.