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Hello everyone, wonder if anyone can help?

I recently went for an interview for a position as an Early Years Practitioner/Teacher, the interview seemed to go very well. i have just received a call to ask me in for a second interview in which I would stay for the 3 hour stay and play session to show them how I work. I do not have to do any actual activities. My question is, should I just calmly mix in with what is going on, or should I be more direct in my approach by checking out plans etc. it is just to come in and work in the environment to show them my 'practice' not quite sure what that means, any help appreciated :huh:

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Firstly, congratulations on getting a second interview- that's a real achievement :1b

I believe they will looking at your interaction with the children- are you skilled at developing their communication skills, eg introducing new vocabulary, extending their sentences, asking open ended questions, engaging in sustained shared thinking, etc. Also, how you might address any behaviour management issues, sort out any minor disagreements- that sort of thing.

I would just ask if there is anything in particular they would like you to do, any area of the setting they would like you to work in- if they say no, then i think your 'calmly mixing in' approach is perfect :D

If they ask you to carry out a particular activity, make sure you know what the learning intentions are, so you can support the children to achieve them- that'll mean looking at the plans or asking the staff directly.

Good luck- let us know how it goes.

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Great advice from Helen.

If it were me interviewing, I know I have interviewed you more formally and you interviewed well, as you have been invited back. Id be looking now at how you build relationships with children (and presumably parents too), how you get on with other staff, and generally 'how you are'

When I have been involved in this kind of interview, usually, the feedback to the panel has come from children, parents and other staff (where possible anyway).

It also gives you a 'feel' for how things work and if that suits your values and way of working.

Good luck, just be yourself and do what you naturally do, and really enjoy your session.

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Oh well, back from my 2nd interview sitting with a cup of tea :1b did what I could, now time will tell. I think it went well, did an adult focussed activity and later a story. It seemed a lovely setting, will let you know how I get on

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Thank you all for your very helpful advice, I will be going to the 2nd interview tomorrow (friday) so will let you know how I get on.

P.S. I really like the quotes at the bottom of some replies, how do you get them?

glad all went to plan..


the quotes at the bottom of the replies are known as signatures

top of page is a grey strip and your name on the right with a drop down list..

Go to My settings > Signature (on left 3rd one down)

here you can put in your choice of quote comment etc and save changes..

this will then show at the bottom of every post you make..

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Hi all, thank you for your lovely comments !

starting after Easter, really looking forward to it :rolleyes: will let you know how it goes.

I have already got some activity idea's, apparently the children have been showing an interest in science related things, so looks like we will be having some fun :)

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Hi all, I have just received my official letter offering me the role at my setting. Is there anything I could ask now about the setting that would be useful for me to know, so that i can start of on the right foot. Any advice ? For instance would it be useful to know the children's names in advance, or is this not necessary?

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