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  1. under the sea

    Hi, we are doing the topic 'under the sea' in our Nusery. We have read the rainbow fish, made a rainbow fish, given the children a shiny scale each to take home. Made fish out of paper plates, had a Tuff spot with sand, water and shells in. Had another Tuff spot with tumblers of different coloured water and pipettes. The home corner has various blue fabrics on the ground and is decorated with the paper plate fish. Tomorrow we are making salt dough sea creatures. Do any of you lovely people out there have any more ideas for under the sea, as we would like to run this topic for at least another week. We have a planned dresssing up day with pirates and treasure also.
  2. Transporting

    He would still have access to the wheelbarrow when in reception because the play area is used by both Nursery and reception. Although other team members may react differently to him of course. He is a very sociable happy little chap who likes to play with his peers, it’s just they do not always hear what he says. He kind of runs along behind others twittering away quite merrily. During inside time he is generally learning in all different areas, as it is less noisy others can hear him and interact with him. He is not attached in a worrying way to the wheelbarrow, there are never tears for instance if he cannot have it. I just thought as he loves to play with it, it is a good opportunity to make use of it as a learning tool. I was thinking of reading Handas Surprise to the children and maybe all children could get involved by ferrying fruit in it amongst other things:)
  3. Transporting

    Hello Panders, the little boy in question is EAL. He willl be going up to reception this September. The other children do have a job to understand him because he has a very quiet voice, although is resonably confident in himself. I will look up Mr Bloom, sounds interesting. I have heard of transporting schema activities but i have never seen a child have such a bond with something, he has played with it everyday outside for 10 months. There are two other plastic wheelbarrows but he only likes the metal one.
  4. Transporting

  5. We have a little boy in our setting that is obsessed with a toy wheelbarrow. He chooses it everyday, if he cannot find it he will ask an adult for it. He puts things in it, usually his toy George pig or other items he finds on his travels. How can i extend this?
  6. dissertation help

    thank you for taking the time to reply Jenimouse, I appreciate it
  7. dissertation help

    Hi all, i wonder if you could help. i am in the process of thinking of a topic for my Dissertation. I am interested in Schemas, but am concerned if enough solid research could be done into this topic. also i am struggling to think of a title. i have been thinking along the lines of "The role of Schemas in the Cognitive development of children in the Early Years. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, has any one done a Dissertation about Schemas
  8. Hi, can anyone give me some fresh idea on how we can act out pumpkin soup ! Please ! we have about 15 children, but i would like them all to play some sort of part , if only holding something. the children are only 3 and 4. all help appreciated as have to start practicing soon
  9. SPACE

    oh thanks, it is for 3 to 4 year olds. i have both of the books you mentioned and read them, the children really enjoyed them especially the underpants book!
  10. SPACE

    Space is on the agenda for next week. just wondering if any one has any good ideas for literacy and numeracy ideas for this topic.
  11. what about the book 'Good Knight sleep tight' by David Melling. i know it has a castle in it and is a book with humour.
  12. Natural resources

    hi, she will be going up to school this September. she is very bright and I am not concerned about her. i just think that the other girls at the setting are not on her wave length, if anything she prefers to play with boys. her mother is Italian and her father french, maybe its a culture thing:) I sometimes think the more intelligent children tend to be happy with their own thoughts. Thanks for the activity tip Rea.
  13. Natural resources

    Thanks, i have ordered the Stick Man book, I think she will love that. Today we made rafts out of twigs and sticks tied together with pipe cleaners, she enjoyed seeing how many toys she could fit on the raft before it sank, she was happy to share the activity with another child. Recently I have spoken to this girls mother and mentioned that although she does play with friends, she occasionally likes to play alone, the mother agreed with me and said she had noticed this herself. the problem is , that the mother mentioned this to another member of staff and asked if her daughter had 'played alone' today. the other member of staff has said to me that I shouldn't mention if a child tends to play alone, as all parents want their children to be sociable. I am now confused because surely it is our job to be honest in case there are issues such as SEN, I mentioned this and was told 'to do what I liked' can any one offer help on this matter?
  14. Hello, I have a girl in my setting who likes the outside area and is often making things out of twigs. she has made a family out of twigs and becomes very engaged with them (the twigs are very small in size) she will whisper to them and put them together 'kiss mummy', she plays alone. yesterday she came up to me and said "look a circle', she had made a circle shape out of a small twig. where would I take this as next steps?
  15. letters and sounds

    You have been most helpful thank you. today we went on a Drum walk, children had drumsticks and tested out different sounds as they selected differing materials around the outside area. It worked out well because we had musical instruments inside on that day also. I shall continue to work through the activities, going through one aspect a week. I notice "Hide the Teddy" is next, not sure how that one will pan out as it could be a bit tricky for some of mine, but will give it a go.