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I used to use Target Tracker in my old setting which was great. I'm investigating tracking tools for my new setting. Two questions about PRAMS..

1. is it safe to download? My laptop warned me that it may not be safe and then asked me to install Java, how much space does this take up?

2. has Prams Version 2 been updated with the new EYFS?

Many Thanks


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Hi remyers


I will do my best to answer your PRAMS questions.


Yes it is safe to download, your internet security is just being very cautious.


The installation of Java can be explained in full here but basically Java script is a commonly used programme language/format and you just need to have the most up to date version to rum PRAMS.


I will ask one of the techie team your question re space and get back to you.


Yes the programme has been fully updated with the new EYFS.


I hope that helps.


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Hi Becky,


As Sue says, PRAMS is perfectly safe to download, it's just that some internet security systems are rather paranoid. The one included in Internet Explorer 9 is particularly problematic since it treats all software as a potential threat until it has been downloaded a large number of times or you pay an extortionate amount of money to bypass the process. Anyway, rant over.


Java is a programming language and was used to write PRAMS. In order to run Java programs your computer needs to have a system installed called the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This is what you were asked to install when PRAMS was installing. Literally billions of devices have a JRE installed on them worldwide, it is perfectly safe. On Windows the JRE takes up 126MB of disk space. PRAMS 2 takes up about 5MB.


PRAMS 2 has indeed been updated to support the revised EYFS framework alongside the original one. You just need to select the appropriate version (by default the new one) when you create an assessment period.

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