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Found 57 results

  1. Hi, I have just started to use the care diary this week and I think I like it! Its taking me slightly longer than writing in their books but I am hoping I will speed up once I'm more familiar with it and have more of my meals on there. My question.....I was wondering if we could also use the general log as an attendance record? I have been using the general log to record what activities we have done and used the start/finish time to reflect what time they arrive/leave. It seems like a duplication to then write down on a piece of paper the times they arrived and left. If they have a day off I could create an entry and put 'Holiday' or "sick" in the log. Is anyone doing this or can anyone see ofsted having a problem with this? I hate hate hate printing off reams and reams of paper and storing it. In my view, its recorded! If we can record accidents and observations on tapestry, why on attendance records too?
  2. Any recommendations for a double buggy for use with under two year olds and including babies? Any ones to avoid? Many thanks.
  3. Self-employed childminders & HMRC webinar - A basic guide to key Tax & NI issues affecting childminders This might be helpful to you! Sign up here
  4. I have a child who I am claiming the 15 hours funding for but has poor attendance. What can i do to improve the attendance, I find it hard as it is not compulsory yet the child is missing out a lot.
  5. We have just published an insightful article by Penny Tassoni called 'Reducing Educational Disadvantage'. For those of you familiar with Penny's work you will not be surprised to read the carefully considered points and the practical suggestions aimed at helping children get the best possible start. You can read the article here and comment and ask questions on this thread.
  6. Hi all We are new crèche starting out and are looking at a variety of options for planning and assessment to make it as streamlined and time efficient as possible. I have started my trial of tapestry and it looks really good, I will have play with it and look more at the tracking side. Please can anyone help with the following Are you able to use Tapestry to do planning or did anyone use any other programs alongside tapestry or instead off? What are the best and worst things about tapestry for you? What my ideal system will be is that all planning, observations and assessments are all paper free. This is so we can spend more time with the children, as it will hopefully be more time efficient as well as parents being more involved in their child's learning. Hope you can help
  7. Hiya, I just wondered if there was an update on the progress of the app that children can access their learning journal in the setting and at home? I know this was talked about and may have been mentioned recently but I don't come on here often do may have missed it. Also thought it was worth showing my interest in the daily diaries and attendance registers, I've seen the daily diaries is being discussed at the moment, very excited by that! The attendance register would be really useful to have access to from the app if possible, or not sure if it would need to be a separate app with daily diaries? I used tadpoles for a while along side tapestry which was easy to use but stopped after the trial as I was waiting to see what happened with tapestry. Really like all the changes to tapestry anything that makes our life easier is greatly appreciated ☺️
  8. Newbie

    Hi I'm a newbie to the forum and to Tapestry, I am a childminder in the South West 'waves hello' :1b I can't figure out how to add friends on here I have at least one one here I know lol! I was wondering if I am missing something but it's a little frustrating that Tapestry doesn't indicate what observations you have already recorded when you are making a new one, is this likely to change does anyone know, would be useful (or is it just me?!)
  9. Forum member WChurchill (she of the wonderful New Zealand blog) has been reflecting on her own professional development and has been considering what she thinks early years priorities should be. We will be posting her thoughts here over the next few days - you will see that there are clear questions for consideration: please go ahead and put your own thoughts and experiences on the thread! I'm excited to see what we all think! An early years practitioner in the Millennium: Challenges of technology, austerity, accountability, and globalisation. One practitioner’s perspective. "I spent over twenty rewarding and stimulating years as a classroom teacher in the North of England and for the most part as a senior manager responsible for the early years foundation stage (EYFS). I delighted in working with children and parents and felt hugely privileged to be able to foster relationships and play a role in such a formative time in their lives. I was immensely proud of my achievements and my work was very much a part of my identity and who I was. I did not aspire to be a Headteacher as I did not feel that management was a route I would take to achieve my goals. It was also possible that this path could be at variance with my evolving teaching philosophy. I always thought I would stay in the classroom but as those of you who were followers of my posts on the forum will know, this intention did not come to fruition for me and reaching for goals can take unknown paths" What are your professional, long and short-term goals? What are your aspirations for the children that you work with? What needs to be accessible to you to achieve these aspirations?
  10. Ratio vs Quality

    I've decided to complete my research project on ratio vs quality. It would be really helpful if you could post any articles you have read recently on the topic and if you have time complete the survey and return it to ku.ca.ailgna.tneduts@regniarg.nagaer. Survey questions copy 2.docx
  11. I placed a status on a facebook page regarding training as was overwhelmed is setting wanting training, there where many comments which I then asked to comment on here, but if they do not have the sign in details as usually would be the manager then they cannot post. Do you have a facebook/twitter Page that is direct to you. There are many setting that are interested in either web training or meeting in local areas together, Can you help with this I understand that some training was delivered in Devon (I think it was.) So can you help with training? if so where will training take place? How do we contact or do we have to source this ourselves?. I love Tapestry but I find the only part confusing is the analysis.
  12. John Blaney who runs the Forest School project at Bridgewater College has written this fantastic article for us about 'Street Play'. For those of us that saw John speak at the NDNA conference last July this is a very welcome article which oozes with John's infectious enthusiasm! Once you've read it - what do you think? Knock, knock can you come out to play? - John Blaney article
  13. We have reviewed 'Let's talk behaviour!' by Wendy Usher. You can read our review here. We'd be interested to here what you think! Let me know your thoughts ...
  14. EYFS Developmental Milestones

    This ebook explains developmental milestones throughout the stages of the EYFS. EYFS-developmental-milestones-eBook.pdf
  15. I've been looking at these two lovely books and you can read the reviews by clicking the titles. Two Mums and a menagerie Two Dads The "Two Mums" book holds up more a story in it's own right whereas the "Two Dads" book is more about the 'having two dads' aspect. Many children have parenting arrangements that differ from the 'mummy and daddy at home' set up and both of these books do a brilliant job of raising awareness in very young children that it doesn't matter who your parents are: unconditional love, fun and the more mundane aspects of family life are common in all happy families.
  16. Pre-school Practitioner Hours: 18 hours per week, term time only 8.45am – 2.45pm Monday, Wednesday, Friday A fantastic opportunity for a highly motivated, creative candidate/individual who is passionate about Early Years to join the team at this popular Ofsted Outstanding pre-school. You will need a Level 3 or above recognised Early Years qualification and experience working in an Early Years setting. For further details and an application pack please visit www.dolphinspre-school.co.uk Closing date: Monday 20 June 2016
  17. I've reviewed a book that would be incredibly useful if you were thinking of doing some work with your staff on observations, assessments and planning. I think it would be a great purchase. It could be delivered over a series of staff meetings and all the resources, ideas and training materials are either in the book or are downloadable from links detailed in the book. At £20 69 (on Amazon) it's not a cheap book - but if you viewed it as 'training' for a whole staff team it's a bargain! You can read it here
  18. Hi, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I have QTS but I qualified as a secondary school teacher but haven't taught in a state school for 15 years. I was invited to teach at and run an EFL school which I did for many years. Now I'm childminding and doing a level 3. I'd like to go back into teaching but don't know what to do next once I've finished my level 3. Would doing primary placements be enough? Should I do the EYTS course - I'm reluctant as I already have QTS and I will have level 3. I am hoping QTS + Level 3 will be equal to EYTS. The government line is that once you have QTS then that is enough for them - it is then up to the school. I have a lot of transferable skills but I don't by any means think I could walk into a reception classroom and pull it off without some input. Any advice gratefully received.
  19. Next step

    Hello everyone! This is my first time posting here, I have been childminding for few months and have recently bought Tapestry. I was hoping that someone could help me. I love that Tapestry give you ideas of next steps based on your observations, is there a way of showing/selecting which next step you are working on at the moment? And then showing that it have been achieved? I hope someone can help me, thank you :1b
  20. Hello, I've just re-registered as a Childminder and after talking to my Early Years Support worker and having a little thinking time, have decided to give Tapestry a go. One question though: Those of you that are using it, have any of you come across parents that don't have access to a computer and therefore not able to use Tapestry? Also there may be some parents that would prefer the Scrapbook style learning journey? I'd be grateful for any feedback, Thanks, Anna
  21. A question I have childminded from home for 5 years and run a very successful business. My partner and i have recently separated and he has moved out. Everything is amicable and the parents, early years team and ofsted are aware and happy. My question is though do i have any legal standing to still run my business i have built up in the house and can i get any compensation if i have to stop childminding and move out. My partner and i weren't married but i have a beneficial interest and estoppel as he made promises based on trust and we lived together as if we were married, that was a condition that i moved in with him and stayed with him. So how do i now stand legally in regards to my business? If he decided to start being awkward and change the locks how would i stand legally? Thanks for any help gratefully appreciated Anon
  22. At the 4 Children conference yesterday they launched the new Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-being Scales (SSTEW). It is in the same series as ECERS and ITERS and looks to me as if it could be very useful, so thought I'd give everyone the heads up. It is being used for the SEED research so settings that have been visited for this will already know it. Although it is designed for scoring, like ECERS and ITERS, it could also be used as a tool for self-assessment through general discussion with staff. The areas it looks at are: Building trust, confidence and independence · self-regulation and social development · encouraging choices and independent play · planning for small group and individual interactions/ adult deployment Social and emotional well-being · supporting socio-emotional well-being Supporting and extending language and communication · encouraging children to talk with others · staff actively listen to children and encourage children to listen · staff support children's language use · sensitive responsiveness Supporting learning and critical thinking · supporting curiosity and problem-solving · encouraging sustained shared thinking through storytelling, sharing books, singing and rhymes · encouraging sustained shared thinking in investigation and exploration · supporting concept development and higher-order thinking Assessing learning and language · using assessment to support and extend learning and critical thinking · assessing language development It is available from Trentham Books £19.99. Sorry, but struggling to create a link - perhaps some clever can add one for me? By the way, I don't get commission!!!
  23. Hello all, In our staff meeting we had a little dicussion regarding how children's work should be displayed. I would like to ask for the opininions of people on here before offering my own. The disagreement was about whether or not you should cut out a child's work before displaying it (under 3s really as older ones would be given the option to do so themselves if they wanted to). For example, let's say that you have given your toddler an A3 size sheet of paper to do a painting on, they have only painted the middle section of the page and you want to display it on the wall; do you cut off the excess paper that they have not used and generally cut around whatever they have painted, or do you put it up as it is? Thanks
  24. Free online course

    This is a free online course from The Open University - Childhood in the Digital Age, starts on June 8th: https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/childhood-in-the-digital-age?utm_source=FL_DB&utm_medium=crm&utm_campaign=27_05_2015_FL_newsletter
  25. Can anyone recommend a good Early Years Magazine? I have just subscribed to a new one called 'Teach Nursery' for three months to see what its like. Just wondered what other professionals are reading - interested in Nursery age group topics and activities.