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  1. Videos

    What happens when you try to upload a longer video? Do you receive an error message? If so, what does it say? Uploads are limited to a maximum size of 100MB, which should be enough to upload several minutes of video. If you're hitting this limit with 2 to 3 seconds of video it would suggest that your videos are recorded in a very high quality which results in a larger file size per second of video. Modern phones and tablets often record in full HD by default, so you might want to reduce the resolution. If you could let me know about the aforementioned error message, if any, and what sort of device you're using to record your videos, I should be able to advise you further.
  2. Childs photos

    Only managers have access to the control panel and editing children to upload profile photos. You would either need to make them managers or upload the photos yourself.
  3. Transfers

    The transfer does not merge children or relatives, you would just end up with two copies of any that you already had. Currently if you want to merge those you need to manually go through each observation and swap the children around until one child has no obs, then delete that child. We are intending to add tools to make this merging easier, but we would never let Tapestry merge any profiles without a manager initiating it. There is no time limit for a transfer, but in the early stages it is possible for it to be cancelled by the sending or receiving setting. Given that it's been a month, I think it's very unlikely that anything has been lost forever so they should be able to send you the child again.
  4. Technical support please

    I've just tried Tapestry in Internet Explorer 11 and it worked fine. It sounds like your copy of IE might have somehow managed to retain an old version of the styles for the pages, which was breaking the layout for you. I think it's likely that clearing your cache in IE and then refreshing the page will fix it.
  5. reports

    You're welcome. I'm glad you've sorted it out.
  6. reports

    In the last couple of days we've made a change so that the relative comments box does not appear when viewing a report if the box is empty. You and the relatives should still be able to see the box when you edit the report, and after you have added some text it will show up when viewing it. Can you not see the box when editing?
  7. Childs photos

    No, they can't see it.
  8. Childs photos

    Underneath the photos on the observations there is some text with a link which says "download these photos and videos". If you click that you'll get a popup with download links for the photos. You can use these to download the ones you want, then upload them as profile photos and delete the copies on your computer.
  9. Photos / Downloads

    We definitely do intend to introduce a way of hiding individual children in photos. This is something we want to get right though, so we don't want to rush into a solution that doesn't work well for people. Once we've worked out the correct approach, we will add it.
  10. Adding to journal

    The quickest way that I can think of would be to set your filters on the Observations page so that you just see the unapproved obs. Then select all the obs by choosing "All" next to "Select" at the top right. Then change "With 30 obs" to "Add to journal" and click "Go". When the page refreshes you will see the next 30 unapproved obs and you can repeat the process for each page of 30 obs until you've finished.
  11. need to un-link a password!

    You're welcome!
  12. Hmm, that's weird. The limit is 100MB so I think there must be some other problem. Could you please send us a support ticket giving more details?
  13. not in journal

    No, they can't see them. You can either make the observation unapproved or still in the journal but only visible to staff. If you edit the observation, in the "Options" panel, under "Add to journal", you can select "After manager approval" (unapproved) or "Immediately, but only for staff" (staff only), to achieve this.
  14. like button on a group obs

    We've now fixed the problem that was causing this, and removed the offending likes from all split off obs.
  15. Like

    You're welcome!