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  1. Staff induction

    During our recent Ofsted inspection, we were told we need to strengthen our current induction policy, we are currently using a 12 week induction which I have adapted from a policy I got from the forum. Because of this I want to improve our current induction and recruitment procedure. ( we are very lucky we have not had any new staff for over 4 years, Which is why I think this was pointed out as a issue) Could anyone please share their induction and recruitment procedure I would be very grateful. Many thanks WellerKaren
  2. Had the call

    Thank you to you both, still panicing don't like knowing I know our practice is good and been led by the needs of the children. Just need to get that across to the inspectors
  3. Had the call

    I got the call that ofsted are visiting us on Monday at 12.30 Friday whilst at home one my day off. I popped into work yesterday, just to get all the paper work together required. I am now sat at home panicing I should be at work doing something. We had a staff meeting/trading day on the 17th in which we changed the routine. Put this in place last week, now I worried if we should continue with the new routine or revert to the old routine. Sorry for the ramble.
  4. Remind me why I should be doing this job

    i think as a manager you need to remember to look after yourself, remember you cant do everything yourself. a little joke one of my little ones told me this morning to cheer yourself up. what do you call a duck with cake ?................................ A lucky ducky...
  5. Staff member of medication

    https://www.drugs.com/tramadol.html https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tramadol
  6. First novel for Cait!

    Congratulations xxx
  7. Continuous Provision

    thank you so much these look fantastic. xx
  8. What a day!

    Glad you got through Ofsted ok, good luck tomorrow try to enjoy the rest of your evening x x
  9. Observation training

    Not really done this are a whole group session, I have always used supervision and 1-1 time to talk through this with the staff and children in my team. during this time we have looked at our observation sheets (both long and short) and spoke about what we are using them for and how to implement their finding into the nursery planning and are these are giving us the information we need about the children or are they just being done for the sake of it
  10. Open Morning

    We have done this before in my setting, we focused on one area of learning area. We had signs in each area, with details on what the children where learning. Last time we used playdough in each area and we gave the parents the playdough recipe to take home. for example we used the dough in the maths area with number mats, in the science area the children where making the dough. I hope this helps and good luck with your open morning
  11. Thank you for your help, these were my thoughts also, just would like a magic wand for the parent.
  12. we have a new child within my setting who is autistic, he is 4 years old and still wears nappies. he keeps putting his hand in his nappies once he has done a poo and smears it on the wall.\his parents have tried observing when he needs the toilet and he will wait until they leave the room or are doing something else to do this. He does not do this in the setting only at home and I am not sure on how to support the parents at home with this. If anyone has any ideas on how to support him and his parents during this stage. many thanks Karen
  13. http://www.dcsf-disclosures.co.uk/CRB-Information/Reasons-for-disqualification http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/factsheet-childcare-disclosure-and-barring-service-dbs-checks-for-those-providers-who-register-ofste http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/sites/default/files/documents/registration-forms-and-guides/d/Disclosure%20and%20Barring%20Service%20%28DBS%29%20checks%20for%20those%20providers%20who%20register%20with%20Ofsted.doc I hope one on these will answer your question xx
  14. Shared Observation with Ofsted

    I had to do this in January when we had our inspection, it was not as bad a I thought it would be. We both observed the activity taking place, after we choose what we was looking at. We then afterwards meet and she asked me how I thought the activity went, did it meet the outcomes set and how I thought I could help the practitioner improve the activity. I hope this helps x
  15. child scratching

    Thank you for getting back to me, you can all guess what I will be doing today x