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What more could I do?!


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It's been a long week; my first year teaching students started - lovely but a bit intense being watched and questioned for 5 days in a row, my brilliant morning TA was off sick for 2 days - am worried about her but she also does my PPA so I missed it - normally not a problem and I might if I'm lucky get a little extra next week but I could really have done with some time today. A different member of staff whom my thoughts about really don't bear repeating. Then to cap it all one of my boys who admittedly is a bit of a flitter said "Why aren't we doing any spotty day stuff?" My jaw drops open. We had Pudsey games on the computer, did colour mixing to paint spotty bandanas, made Pudsey faces which became puppets or masks as they saw fit, made Pudsey paper chains, counted the spots hidden around the school and classroom, had assorted CIN colouring pages and dot to dots and played a Pudsey jumping on spots game outside.


What more did he want/could I have done?!


Sorry for the moan, am tired and fed up and I'd normally call a friend to chat but they're all out or have husbands/children who've been away for a week and obviously they need to catch up with them. Sorry!

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Thanks for the hugs Sue. I swear a minute ago There were 2 copies of my post in New content but it's not there now - clearly am going mad now too!

Sue used her magic Pudsey powers to make your duplicate post disappear.


Hope you have a good weekend - it will all seem a lot better after a glass of something cool and refreshing. :1b

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Sorry you,ve had such a rough week, seems to just hit you like that at times, all those things that we usually take in our stride just conspire to make us want to scream, and it is hard when you have a really good working relationship with someone and they,re a no show, certainly makes you appreciate them when they get back......as for all your lovely CIN activities just know it was loads more than we did, and looked like all areas of curriculum were included....ours iced biscuits and put (counted) smarties on them ( very unhealthy :/), made some masks that all looked the same :(.....so I think you win :)

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Hope you are feeling a bit better today Helen. One thought which occurred to me was, if he had attended pre-school before maybe they did different things which he associates with CIN, rather than all your lovely activities.


Or may be has a sibling dressing up in pyjamas or something at their school.

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I am thanks Panders. Apologies once again for the moan, was just tired and worn out and it was an added frustration. We have a situation at school at the moment which makes me cross but I really can't do anything about (not in my class) which is sort of under everything I think.


As for the boy Cait - no siblings as yet but thinking about it he is completely into computers and he was talking about 'spotty games' I wonder if he was just expecting to play lots of games on the computer. Or maybe it was that because of the way I work a theme day in my class isn't that different from day to day practice - just a different theme and sometimes some dressing up. In the other classes in school (not that he's experienced them yet) it's a major change to normal practice so maybe it feels like more of a special day for those children.

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