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I had a hospital appointment today to be told that all is well with my surgery site and that in fact everything has healed remarkably well so that the scar, only 4 months on, is hardly visible.


The surgeon was so pleased he called another surgeon in to look at it!!


For those not in the know I had 37 stitches in my face in March, to remove a tumor that turned out to be cancer.


Whilst not expecting to hear anything untoward today there's always a little niggle that the doctor might just say something you don't want to hear.


So now I feel it's time to relax down into the summer break!!


Pimms here I come!!!





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Thank you folks!!


Having been in to work every day since we "finished" for the summer I am taking this day to be the start of the summer break!!


I hope you all have FABULOUS & AWESOME summers.


Remember it's all about the 3 R's. . . . . . . .


RELAX RELAX RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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