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Ofsted Report Finally Arrived!


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And what a long wait it has seemed!!


But well worth it! - we got outstanding in every area!


And this morning all the staff came in - and we greeted the children and parents with a big display we photographed last week of the children sat on the grass spellling out "we are outstanding" and hung up all along the front of the building!


I'm so thrilled for everyone because it's been hard work getting where we are - and the day of the OFSTED inspection was my first day in after recovering from meningitis!!


Just had to share!


:1b :1b :1b :1b :1b :1b :1b :1b :1b :1b :1b :1b

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Well done we to got an outstanding a few months ago so I know how hard you and team have had to work.


Brilliant job

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Thank you!!!


So nice to share the news and have total understanding of how we feel!!


One parent this morning said "is that good then?" - um yes!!!!!


We even had congratulation card from one parent though - how lovely. :1b

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