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  1. And me! Can’t wait!,
  2. Early Years degree or EYT

    Hi folks! just had our Inspection Report and this may be a silly question.... but here goes anyway! I have recently gained EYT status but the report says “The manager has an early Years Degree”.... should I ask for a correction? Or am I being too picky? I’m just proud of passing!! many thanks x
  3. We send ours home with parents to dispose of.... I'm sure someone will correct me if legislation has changes but I was led to believe that with so few children in nappies we don't have to have a formal disposal system, however, as a business they shouldn't go in commercial bins but can go in residential bins.... No parent has ever complained about taking them home.... and in fact I think it is probably good as parents then know how many nappies have been changed in the day.... Hope that helps!
  4. Thank you for this - I shall look forward to the update, but in the meantime I'll do it at you've suggested... Regards,
  5. Hi all, Is there an easy way to see how many observations each member of staff has added?
  6. We'd love to try out the new app too!!
  7. Translation

    Thank you that would be great! It's a complex and emotional story but looking it translate some medical notes.... Not sure how to do Google translate without typing it in Thanks again.
  8. Translation

    Now here's a real long shot!!! Does any on here speak, or have families at their setting who speak English and Georgian? Georgian (ქართული ენა tr. kartuli ena) is a Kartvelian language spoken by Georgians Waiting in anticipation...... MPS09 xx
  9. Fluffy Duck Dilemma

    This makes me cry everytime I read it! And I do often, to the staff and the parents. I've also had this battle.... but put my foot down this Christmas and decided we would not have our conveyor belt crafts.... What we did was agreed some craft ideas that the staff wanted to make.... provided the appropriate materials and colours.... the staff made what they wanted and the children made their own! Some copied the staff, some created something really different, some did what they always do, some made 15 cards, some didn't make any (and that was the hardest thing - some staff were VERY against this idea ). However, we also held a Christmas Crafts week where the parents came in evey afternoon and could use all our resources, with some craft ideas, and could make them with their children (and be as prescriptive as they liked! ) while we explained about true creativity! It was absolutely brilliant - and one afternoon all the children went outside to play (because of the free flow) and myself, 3 mum's and 1 dad created some lovely Hama head decorations .... It was the best Christmas ever! And parents made lots of positive comments, because we did feel we had to justify why we were producing a list of adult-led decorations,etc. Stand by what you believe!!!
  10. DBS for Staff Members

    Thank you - so it can just be another member of staff?
  11. DBS for Staff Members

    Hi all, I know this is an old thread, but it's unbelievable how very complicated this all seems to be! We are registered with tmg and as no one has had checks for 10 years, we thought it would be good practice to update them. I'm the manager, and I've set my self up as a verifier on the system, so I can verify the other staff,,,, Daft question, but who verifies mine? It seems to be allowing me to do my own, but that can't be right!!! Should it be the nominated Person? Many thanks
  12. Thank you for your quick response!! Will look forward to future developments :-) Nicky
  13. Hi, We've got several parents at the moment who don't regularly access their email for one reason or another! I have been asked if it is possible to have a text message notification..... Just a thought Thanks
  14. Summer born deferring

    Thank you very much everyone!!! Much appreciated :-)
  15. Thank you for such a quick reply!! Didn't even realise they would be able to do it!!! Shows how tech savvy I am :unsure: