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Hello all!


Just thought I would let you know I got offered 2 jobs on Tuesday!! xD:( :wacko: :(:(xD


Unfortunately I had to turn one of them down and it was the one I really wanted. The hours were more than advertised and I cant manage it at the moment, as my son has behavioural issues and we are also querying aspergers. We feel that we need to get him settled before we can think about sending him to a childcare setting. I did explain this when the lady rang and offered me the job and she was wonderful and accepted my decision. My name is on their waiting list and she told me not to worry as there will be other opportunities.


As for the one I accepted, well its in daycare and its lovely!! Warm, friendlyand from the reports that I am hearing from parents who have sent their children there - WONDERFUL!! Whats more, they are prepared to work with me. I start after I leave my son to school and finish 5 minutes before he does. What more could I ask for?? It is also my first paid job in childcare and will get me the much needed 'paid experience' that everyone seems to ask for these days.


I know for sure that I am doing the right thing for our son. Right now he needs routine and no job in the world, no matter how much I want it, will come ahead of my son.


The past few days have been very mixed emotionally, thinking what if etc, but I realise just how lucky I am to get 1 job offer, never mind 2 in the current climate.


To those of you who are still job hunting, stick with it!!! Something will turn up.


As to when I start, well that all depends on how long it takes for my vetting to come through!!


I apologise if I waffle or bragg, but I feel the need to shout it from the rooftops!!! :o :rolleyes:

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