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Well we were expecting it, we were 4 years in january and 2 settings around us had been done in the last couple of weeks.

We've got 2 inspectors as we are a large setting, one of them did our registration visit and our last inpsection so we can't wait to show her how much we have changed, we only had 3 rooms then and now we are 6! The other sounded lovely on the phone.

Staff have been amazing pulling together, coming in when on holiday to check their rooms, typical that 2 of our room leaders were on holiday today but they are stars to come in.

​I still teach one day a week and guess what that's tomorrow but my school have kindly found cover for me.. They've even covered my sewing club!

Just updated my SIP and scribbled all over the SEF to show what we've done since it was last done in November - we are ready!!!!


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