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Just about to make my regular Sunday night play dough to take into work tomorrow! Many years ago I used to cook the dough on the hob then changed to the boiling water method. My 16 year old said "That's not the way you make play dough, Mum" but it has worked well for the last 16 years! My favourite job of the week.

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​the boiling water method can be a bit unreliable due to varying amounts of gluten in cheap flour....the water MUST be boiling in order to thicken the gluten.



4 cups flour

1 cup salt

4 tablespoons oil

4 tablespoons cream of tartar (I use less!!)

3 cups boiling water plus colouring (don't use paint in this one due to the starch in ready mix...it will make it go slimy and a bit smelly!)

Mix like mad and knead for 5 minutes at least!

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Years and Years ago........when I was training, even maybe before the invention of 'cooked' doh??? We used to make simple flour, water, colouring (powder paint I think) and oil - and I remember it was terrific! Smooth, shiny and stretchy!

Cannot remember the recipe though????

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