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Unhappy with how a draft report has been worded


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Hi all

I am just after advice from you lovely people.

We had our long awaited for inspection (last 2009) just before half term and it went well.

I have received the draft report today and I am unhappy with the way a particular part has been worded as I feel it completely misrepresents one particular aspect of our setting (obviously I cannot say exactly what at this point, needless to say though, I feel it is not a true reflection of what was seen during the inspection in this area or what was discussed)

This does not affect the grading which I am not disputing but I am unhappy with how this reads in the report as it is very negative and not accurate.

Has anyone challenged their report in how its been written on here?

I don't want to complain but almost challenge the wording, if that makes sense as it misrepresents us at the moment.

I know I have 24 hrs but is that just for factual errors?

Thank you ☺

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I have learnt over the years that it is best not to complain about public services.


I did have to complain a few years ago after numerous people laughed at the huge amount of typos in our report. But it wasn't very well received. I didn't want to complain but after a consultant went through with a red pen, I felt I had no option.


I would keep quiet and hope future customers don't read it that throughly.

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I think if you don't try then you may end up wondering what if?


I also think that as they expect us to have everything in place, perfect and comment on the smallest thing, why should they not be challenged when they get something wrong or open to misinterpretation..


Suppose it is really how much it could affect you when someone reads it and how inaccurate it comes across..

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Thank you everyone.You helped me clarify in my own mind how I felt.

So far, having slept on it, I phoned today as I still felt the same.

They have asked me to send an email in the next few days detailing my concern so that's my weekend task I guess!

I'll keep you posted.

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  • 3 weeks later...

We had our inspection last week and are waiting for our report, but we are getting ready to challenge something if it is worded the same way we were given the feedback as it is an unfair representation of what happened, based on a 10 minute observation compared to a whole 3 hour session.


I like a fight too :-)

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