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And its published!


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i've not read it yet i'm currently printing it all, guide to changes, inspector guidance and much more but this seems to be to be it ! the CIF, it does state changes may yet still be made but lets get reading lol x



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Can anyone confirm what documents relate to early years (not in schools). So far I have downloaded


The Common Insoection Framework: education, skills and early years


Early years inspection handbook


Inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings


Anything else?

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my alerts came through for:


* Summary of changes on the way ofsted will inspect schools, further education, and early years from sept 15

* Inspecting safeguarding in early years

* Guidence for inspecting early years providers under the common inspection framework from sept 15

* The common inspection framework



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Has anyone seen the "promoting british values" section and the "promote their welfare and prevent radicalisation and extremism"


This obviously seems silly for Early Years but it's in the Early Years Common Inspection Framework so I'm just finding out if anyone is going to face this?

I mean, I guess, we can teach staff about looking out for signs just as we do looking out for FGM? But when it comes to teaching the children???

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From Nursery World:


The three key judgements used to gauge quality and standards in a setting have now been replaced [...] They were ‘how well the early years provision meets the needs of the range of children who attend’, ‘the contribution of the early years provision to children’s well-being’, and ‘the leadership and management of the early years provision'. The areas of emphasis are now ‘overall effectiveness’, ‘effectiveness of leadership and management’, ‘quality of teaching, learning and assessment’, ‘personal development,’ ‘behaviour and welfare’, and ‘outcomes for children’.

Does anyone know if there will be a new SEF in relation to this?

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Asked my LEA about Sef today, they didn't even know the new framework had been published (UNBELIEVABLE!). As I got no joy from them, I have emailed Ofsted and will post again if/when I get an answer.

Well I give in really :blink:

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This was my reply from Ofsted.....NOT helpful! Simply links me to the 2013 version.



Thank you for your e-mail.


In response to your enquiry the most up to date version of the SEF form can be downloaded from here. There is currently not a set date for when this document will be next updated, but when it is it will be available from the same location on the website.


I hope you find this information helpful.



Errrrr, no, not helpful at all!

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It's not helpful - but gives me the perfect excuse not to update my SEF........


Of course I was just about to do so :ph34r:

Hey Sunnyday, I think I am going to use that "excuse" too. Presumably Ofsted cant really value the SEF if they haven't bothered to write a new one then???

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