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Information about the new SEN and Disability Code of Practice

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2014 CoP.docx

I've written a few key points about the new SEN and Disability Code of Practice which will be in place from September,it's attached as a word file. The link to the new Code is below, the Early Years Section starts on page 67.


I tried to upload some film clips but the files were too big so if you want to see them, they're on my website, at the bottom of the "useful links" page.
I hope it's helpful.
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Good news (for a change!) from the DfE. They published "Implementing a new 0 - 25 special needs system: LAs and partners - Duties and timescales - what you must do and when" today (attached) and on page 14 it says:


"We anticipate that most children to be in the SEN support category by spring 2015, with all pupils moving to SEN support by September 2015."
So you don't need to rush to get everything in place by the beginning of September although it's probably a good idea to write an action plan giving some timescales.
I found some useful online training today on the Autism West Midlands website. It's all free and there are 3 courses on Autism and 1 on the new SEN reforms which I found useful. Link is below:



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Thank you for this. Did my briefing on Saturday morning. I am sincerely hoping some one will be printing the new code so that we can buy it like we did the dev Matters booklet. There is no way my printer would cope with that many pages of printing!

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Hi sunflower12

We were sent forms from county to complete with all our details, what we offer etc for local offer, to help people to understand what services are available locally.

You don't have these available to share by any chance? :1b

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The Local Authority is responsible for the Local Offer:


"Local Authorities must publish a Local Offer, setting out in one place information about provision they expect to be available across education, health and social care for children and young people in their area who have SENCO or are disabled."

Page 48, Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice 2014


Some Local Authorities are getting in touch with early years providers for information about what they can offer but it seems pretty hit and miss!


School have to publish an "Information Report" on their website which explains their policy for SEN, this must be updated annually.


NDNA are settling hard copies of the new Code of Practice for £10.


Although the new Code is statutory from September, the DfE has made it clear there will be "transitional arrangements" and is not expecting everyone to have everything in place immediately. It's probably best to do an action plan just to be sure you're covered.

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I have been on training for kent. They are as yet to publish their 'local offer'. Information on this was meant to be given by the end of term. Guess what...????

Absolutely - my group SENCO attended training/briefing last week - I had gone on and on about taking good notes - telling her this is going to be all about writing our offer - not a word was mentioned :blink:

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Thanks Kitkat have just gone through this briefly as we have already asked some sticky questions to our LEA and have not received very positive responses!

We have been asked by our lea to do our own local offers which will be filtered in to the lea's local offer and kept on the database so that parents are able to see at a glance what we can do! It has also been suggested that we make this local offer available on our websites for parents. It appeared that this was global but i realise now that this is how our lea is doing things.

I am getting a growing sense of unease that any financial support we have had in the past...will now be a thing of the past! unlike schools we have no sen budget but are expected to do all the same work...including regular meetings, creating information for the new EHCP's , planning and implementing interventions for these children to ensure that the gap is narrowed and not widening...etc etc all this with no money and no support :angry: It is often up to early years settings to start the process of identification which may take many hours of work with parents and their little ones.

Why is it that we all know that early intervention is vital but that the same intervention is not supported or funded under statutory school age? I have never understood or condoned the 'how many hours support' campaign but it is clear that some children need additional help....where are we to fund this from? if i have to support a child for the whole time that they are in my setting who is going to fund it??????

We have in the past been given small grants to help but have now had these removed...yet it seems unlikely that we will be able to access any of the personal budget money. We have also asked if this can go to private therapists and have been given a flat no...yet the info you have supplied seems to imply this is not the case if the parents want to source that.

Frustratedfinleysmaid may be my new pseudonym :ph34r:

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