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Yes HelenD26 is correct. I think that it is now your photo as opposed to your avatar has thrown lots of people....me included....as I was thinking I am not putting my photo on the forum :ph34r:


So for photo think avatar and Christmas yourself away. If I could just ask you to refrain from making them too 'flashing / animated' as this can bother some users who suffer form migraines etc


Thanking you for your consideration,

Sue x

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Sorry about the late arrival. I've only just realised it was Autumn, never mind December, never mind the week before Christmas. The world seems to be moving faster this year. And I've lost my Christmas hat...


Don't forget though, the world's going to end on Friday.... maybe that's why the world's been faster - yes, I noticed that, too!


Of course, my Mum would say that's because you're getting older! :(


PS, glad the hat turned up!

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If its going to end can someone arrange that it be after I've had lunch with my mom, dad and family and been to my friends 60th birthday party on the night? I've got a new dress I've been waiting to wear!

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