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Well what a day - 09.15 door bell rings and its Mrs O. I should have been at home but fortunately was at work for another meeting that I then had to cancel along with my lunch out!! Whole experience very positive and very different from the last inspection criteria - they finally want to see the staff and children - not the paperwork. My team were superb and didn't fall to pieces as they all thought they would. Glad its over though x

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Guest sn0wdr0p

Well done and now it's time to relax. It took me a few days to calm down after ours last month but now I feel so much better not waiting for the knock on the door. Enjoy your weekend and forget about work.

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Well done to you and your team. I just want that knock on the door to come sooner rather than later, our three years was up in May and really want to get it over with. I have been ill alll week and not at work and was dreading a call to say that they were there!! Do not want it to happen without me. Chill out a little and enjoy the build up to C*******s!!!

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Guest colechin

Well done to you and your staff. I am waiting for Ofsted and the staff are so worried. I'm currently cancelling courses that I booked to go just in case they turn up. I also had to get my mum to take my daughter to hospital for her appointment one Monday morning, just in case Ofsted turned up.

The school, which site I am on is also waiting for Ofsted. It should be any time this half term.

Would love to hear what questions Ofsted asked, how they approached everything and how long they were with you.


A big well done once again

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Thank you all - it was a strange sort of day as we run Forest School on a Wednesday so inspector ended up spending 2.5 hrs in the cold!! - She observed loads and didn't ask loads of questions as we had thought she would. I had been drilling into the staff that they had to know safeguarding,policies etc as they would be asked - nothing. I can only assume that she observed the relevant criteria in our everyday practice. Zigzag I think you will find the cycle is 47 months not 3 years as we believed - we have been expecting since last November but were told in the summer that the cycle is 47 months. The thing she did question a lot on was the

progress of the children and how we plot it/monitor it - she asked me to identify 3 children for her to 'track' - she then observed them through the day and looked at their learning journeys. Parent partnerships was a topic and she kept asking me to 'sell' the setting which I am not very good at.


I have felt completely drained today and am going to treat myself to a complete day off tomorrow!!

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