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So Long, Farewell...


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Well, for a week at least. I'm off to Austria tomorrow with the family, where I fully intend to run to the top of a mountain, spin around winsomely and deploy my celebrated falsetto! Or possibly just try on some leather shorts.


Anyway - if anyone tries to PM me, don't be surprised if I don't respond too quickly. Hope you all have a lovely week as the weather slowly and laboriously improves. And if summer not only starts, but draws to an end before I return, please note that I may be a little grumpy when I next post! :ph34r:

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Aw, I hope you don't bump into too many lonely goatherds! And don't try schnitzel with noodles, it apparently doesn't go well together!


Have a fabulous well-earned break! We'll try and save some summer for you!

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