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  1. Really impressed. My plan is to get my daughter to have a look with the hope that she will attempt to set up a website for us. Sure she will be equally impressed and fingers crossed will have a go. Well done!!!
  2. Grape rules?

    We always cut.We check lunch boxes daily, removing grapes and cutting if parents forget. We have had parents who say their children don't want their grapes to be cut but we insist that they are cut in half and tell them not to put them in as we will continue to cut them in half.
  3. Tidying up

    We nominate one person to be a tidy-up inspector who wears a hat and carrys a clipboard. Children are given specific areas to tidy up and with adult help (sometimes lots of help) the areas are tidied whilst we play the tidy up song. As soon as the area is tidied the children sit down and the inspector comes along with his/her clipboard and inspects the area making ticks or whatever to indicate the area is tidied. The children love this and thoroughly get involved and the inspector often finds things that are in the wrong place etc. and very often gives a cross if they think it is not tidy. The activity is done in a very lighthearted way with lots of laughs (mostly by staff about the comments made by the inspector as some of them can be very tough and much more than we would be). Some children need a great deal of encouragement and need lots of adult support giving them items and telling them where to put them.
  4. Superheroes role play

    I bought cheap packs of tea towels and threaded elastic through the short seam to make capes. The boys grab them when they arrive and the black ones are their particular favourites but the girls love the brightly coloured and flowery ones. Very cheap and a no-sew option. Also made some superhero clip boards from black clip boards from the Pound shop and decorated the front with stickers. It has encouraged their mark making. Also have covered Pringle tubes with character wrapping paper etc. and thread string through which they carry around with their secret maps etc.
  5. Specialeffect Charity

    Brilliant. Have voted. Good luck. xx
  6. Love the Forum so hope someone can give me some advice. My daughter's best friend was called into the school as there were concerns about her son's progress at school. After being professionally assessed she has been told he has auditory memory difficulties (looked on line so wonder if it is auditory processing disorder). Actually none of this has come as a surprise as we all thought there was something wrong. He started his second year last September. He has difficulty with remembering especially verbal instructions and she has been told to make visual routine cards to help at home. She is really worried as he is below average at school and has been told that he might not make any more progress. I am certain the school will now take professional advice but we are anxious to help in any way we can. She is a really caring Mum and they read every night. When he was at pre-school he could count to 20 and above and order the numbers, knew all the names in the Thomas the Tank Engine books, colours and shapes etc. but looking back this was all visual stuff. He always experienced difficulty in coping with large numbers of children, particularly when we had special days when parents were present. Does anyone have any experience of this and can offer any help. Does anyone know of a good site where we can download routine cards (I'm not really certain whether they should be really basic)? Any help would be appreciated. Am not certain if I have posted in the right place. If I haven't can someone please change it?
  7. This is to update you all on my hunt for a new logo for my pre-school. A big thank you to Steve for his introduction to The Librarian who designed me an absolutely brilliant logo. I've already used it on absolutely everything and everyone on our return this morning loved it. The children have also loved colouring in the black and white one he did for us. Thank you to everyone for your help and advice but a huge amount of praise must go to The Librarian who designed the logo in one day. I can't wait to get a sign made up now. Watch this space!!
  8. Now I've got a new problem. How the heck do I thank all of you for your very useful suggestions? Again hope I'm doing it right!! Thanks for all your extremely useful experiences. I'm addicted to the forum and log on most days so when I was at a loss as how to advance with my search hoped some of you would be able to help. You've given me lots to think about. My pre-school is called Toybox and I was looking for something really eyecatching as there are three pre-schools very close to each other but we are the only one that is hidden from the main road and the hall is not used much by other people, as are the other two.
  9. Hi everyone, I've been trying to place my first topic. Hope I'm doing it right. My pre-school is tucked away behind a church in a hall situated behind a very high hedge so cannot be seen from the main road. Lots of local people don't know we exist. The pre-school has been operating for over 30 years. My problem is advertising. We have advertised in local magazine etc. and recently had a fantastic review on an on-line local magazine. The church have given me permission to get a large sign which we can place behind the hedge so that people passing know we are here. We recently increased our opening hours to include afternoons and have always filled places by word of mouth. I'd like to find a new logo as the one we are currently using is not very eye-catching. I've looked on line but can't find anything that is suitable. Has anyone commissioned a logo recenlty. If so can they give me any idea of cost etc. I know I have to get planning permission for the sign if a certain size is exceeded so will look into this, but I am at a loss as to how to start the logo search going. I'd obviously like to use the logo for everything else associated with our pre-school. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm hoping I've done this right and when I press 'post new topic' it works. I haven't a clue as to what all the buttons below mean. One step at a time!!!
  10. Nursery Graduation

    We have been holding a graduation ceremony for probably the last seven years. We invite all the children who attend our pre-school plus parents, friends etc. We actually hold it in the church we are attached to and the children wear graduation gowns (made by me without the aid of a sewing machine and sort of like a bat-man cape) and mortar boards made out of cardboard which they keep. We usually get the local mayor to present them with their leaving certificates (something I found on Creata Card). The children who are not leaving are already in church with parents etc. and the graduation children walk down from the back of the church to a special piece of music. They go up to the front on their own and get their certificate and leaving present. After lots of applause and photographs we hold a picnic in the grounds of the church. This may sound a bit scary but we all enjoy it and I have never had a child distressed but if they did refuse no pressure would be made on them to participate. The children who are not leaving are reassured that they will get their turn next year. It's just a lovely time to all get together to celebrate their time with us. It works for us! It originally was a one-off when we did it as a surprise sort of leaving play but everyone looks forward to it now so I couldn't stop it if I wanted to. We do go to church for our harvest festival and Christmas Nativity so the church is familiar to the children and makes their last day a bit special.