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Ofsted Inspections From September 2012


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Thank you from me too, well i will certainly have lots of reading and tasks to achieve over this holiday break, plus the imminent arrival of my first wonderful grandchild. :1b :D


Oh bridger what wonderful news - you will lurve being a granny, nana, grandma - I know I do (I'm a nana!) :1b

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Yes you could say I am a little excited can you see me beaming, I think I will be called nanny. Thank you for your kind words will keep you posted. Bx

I do wish people would stop boasting about grandchildren!

This is making me increasingly broody, as i can't seem to get my daugter to oblige in my needs.!!! :(:):):)


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Thanks for this, It doesn't actually take very long to read, it's big print and only half a page or less each time. It's not the final report, rather it seems to be slides of a powerpoint for a training on the proposed ideas with the rest of the page being for the deliverer of the powerpoint presentation to say. It states that the next phase of the consultation is some practice inspections and feedback from users during these, then the actual paper will be published in time for September 2012.

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You do still have a few days to respond to the consultation, I am sure someone flagged it up at the time it came out, but Im not yet that familiar with the search facility to locate it.


From memory the things that sprang to mind, apart from the no longer doing the suitable persons, were:


childminders having to complete their training before registration

settings that receive a complaint will trigger a full inspection (unless it is considered 'minor' and I dont really know what that actually means)

Satisfactory grading will now be 'requires improvement' and inadequate will be 'require significant improvement'

greater focus on outcomes for children especially where children are not in line with age related expectations.

A short summary report for smaller settings (they refer to childminders and one room settings here)


If how you are inspected matters to you, pop along http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/resources/regulation-of-providers-early-years-register


and have your say..there aren't many questions, so it shouldn't take long.

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This is my first ever time on this site and I am just finding my way around, so hope I am in the right place to ask this question (someone shout at me if not).


Does anyone have guidelines on what inspectors will be looking for in inspections from Sep 2012? I'm sure we used to have guidelines in the past but I just can't seem to find anything.





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There's usually something on the Ofsted site, isn't there? Perhaps they don't know themselves yet, and they are reorganising things themselves.


Congratulations on your first of many posts, I hope we'll be hearing a lot more from you!

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Guest sn0wdr0p

Thanks Cait,


Ofsted are now overdue so will read this very very carefully - well - after the movie I am watching has finished.

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