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Show And Tell Or Show And Swell!?


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well today one little boy brought in the most amazing and funny show and tell - previous things have been chopping boards, skull 9real one) , feather dusters but today was the best yet -

as the title may suggest .........

it was a silicone breast implant ! swell or what :o

daddy works as a cosmetic surgeon ( with those who need reconstruvtive rather than thoses who just want to enhance) when i asked what it was he replied 'it's a booblie

daddy gives them to ladies who have none and makes them feel better'

How wonderful -from the mouths of babes (no pun intended ) very tactile object,mum assured me it was not a PIP one and laughed when I asked could i have 2 next time please ( having always been a little flat chested)


Mum always apologises for the things he brings in but I reassure her it's great and makes for an interesting conversation, now where would i put that on the DM ...... xD:(:(


after tohe last couple of weeks I have had it really did brighten my day x

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i had a 'boobies' discussion too today. A little girl was playing with a Barbie doll and pointed out that it had boobies. "I haven't got boobies, just little ones. Mummy says if I'm good I'll get big ones like her" Bahahaha

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glad to see this little chap is keeping abreast of things. And you always need to get things off your chest at the end of the week....happy to know that you didn't make a boob of yourself when showing it around.

Oh i do like a bit of titilation on a thursday evening :o

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Wow priceless! This thread has really made me chuckle. Think I'd be quite interested in seeing one of those actually, I'd like to know what they feel like!


You could put it under 'understands the needs and feelings of others' :o

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