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Eleven Parents At Our Agm Tonight


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We'd taken some money from the petty cash to buy everyone who turned up a drink, I thought at one point we might run out, they just kept arriving. It was so unbelievable.

We've got a secretary but no treasurer.

But, we've got a man who is regional manager of Sainsburys homebase and he said he can get us anything we need for our new garden plus their staff have two paid days a year to help with voluntary projects. He's got 150 people he can call on to help with the digging, clearing, planting, fencing... xD

He used to be regional manager at Argos too and has said he still has contacts and can help with providing things for fundraising raffles. Told us anything we want, so us being the poor playgroup we are, we thought about £20-£50 maybe. No. He suggested an XBOX or Wii :o

Another parent said her brother is a TA at a local nursery and he will be our Father Christmas and another mom said as she's being an Elf at her local school she'll come in for us too.

They all agreed to our proposal to have a fund for stationery or equipment and to asking for donations of tissues, nappy sacks/wipes, washing up liquid etc.

I'm flabbergasted, shame about the treasurer but hey :(

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Well, whatever you said seems to have worked.. and contacts you need to keep for as long as you can


(Can I just say at this point that Homebase no longer belongs to Sainsbury but is part of the same company as Argos, has been for a while now. )


Always remember setting up our garden, we used the probationary service as at the time we had a probation officer on our committee..


hope all goes well this year ..

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