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Very Very Urgent Please Help


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It's a really long story but we've finally changed our status to formalising the legal status of our group and being purely staff led. I emailed ofsted on wednesday to inform them and I received a reply yesterday stating


In response to your enquiry, by becoming registered as a company the legal ownership has changed. This will require you to submit a new application and re-register.


I saw the message too late to contact them but managed to speak to my EYA last night (10.35pm bless her!) and after many discussions she has never come across having to re-register because of something like this but we are both under the impression that there is a strong possibility we may be unable to open until the registration processs has finished :o I've been in tears all night and have literally had no sleep trying to figure ways out of staying open and the only thing I have come up with is either getting the parents to stay with their children - most work so I don't think this is possible.


I don't know how we would stand but refunding all fees for today so there is no charge to look after the children


please has anyone experienced anything similar that could give me some hope and that I can ask ofsted for permission to do if they say we aren't allowed to open today????


I can't ring ofsted until 8am so any ideas would be massivley appreciated


p.s all we have dome is literally formalise how we have run for the last 37 years, absolutely nothing has changed in the day to day running, staff, policies etc etc NOTHING xD Because of the legal status change though we have had to change our name as there was already a company registered with our name :(

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Oh no.......simple, honest answer is I don't know......we had to re-register when we moved premises (long time ago) but that was in the middle of the summer holiday with lots of notice.........


What a dilemma for you - I have everything crossed that you can get a sensible answer from Ofsted

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Hi there,

Sorry to hear your story: I'm sure you're feeling very stressed this morning. This is what I think:


When Ofsted say that you need to re-register I don't believe they mean that you have to close in the meantime. I think this means that you will be changing your details of registration in the immediate future whilst being able to remain open. Ofsted are reasonable people and will want you to continue to offer your provision to your parents and children, I'm sure.


It is my belief that if you open today, you'll be fine, but do of course phone Ofsted tday for detailed advice on what to do next. At the very worst, if you do open today and they decide you've breached your conditions of registration, I think they will write to you.


I'm going to try and look some stuff up on their website now, so I'll get back to you with some quotes, if I can find them.


Try to stay calm :o

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Are you closed for half term? If so. just do today normally and ring at your first opportunity to find out if this can be done quickly FOR CONTINUITY OF PROVISION. When we had to move premised I was told that they view this highly and ours was done in a couple of days

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This is from the registration document:


What do I need to tell you about once I am registered?


122. There are certain things that you must tell us about once you are registered. These are set out in the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.




123. You should inform us at the earliest opportunity of any changes or proposed changes. Where it is not possible to notify us in advance, you must let us know of the change as soon as you can and no later than 14 days after the event occurs. This includes any change to:


Premises, facilities and provision

This includes any change to the:

 address of the premises

 facilities to be used for childcare on the premises that may affect the space available to children and the level of care available to them

 hours during which childcare is provided which mean that you wish to provide

overnight care

 type of childcare category applicable to the provision, for example if you are registered on the compulsory and/or voluntary part of the Childcare Register as well as the Early Years Register and decide you no longer want to care for older children.


People and their suitability

This includes:

any change to the person who is managing the provision

 where the childcare is provided by a company, any change in the name or registered number of the company

 where the childcare is provided by a charity, any change in the name or registration number of the charity

 where the childcare is provided by a partnership, body corporate or unincorporated association, any change to the nominated person

 where the childcare is provided by a partnership, committee, corporate or unincorporated body whose sole or main purpose is the provision of childcare, any change to the individuals who are partners or members of its governing body

 any change to the name of the body that provides the childcare, where the childcare is provided by a committee, partnership or unincorporated body.



The next statement in this document mentions making a new application:


If you change your premises, you will need to submit a new application in respect of the new premises.


But it doesn't sound like you've changed premises?


Hope this helps.

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having had similar situation recently i would suggest you dont panic until you've spoken to them. You will need to re-register (who is the registered person...has this changed?)and the new registration will take 2 weeks. If they say you cant open you could ask if you can open for 2 hours a day or 2 x 2hours a day if sessional as this is not under register....the parents will be better with this than nothing at all. If it is just purely a paper change you may be ok...if you dont get the answer you want ask to speak to the team leader/explain the situation and as Cait says tell them about continuity of care..but please do not open if you are not registered to do so (reregitration will cost you £200 and will set up an ofsted inspection)

Good luck :o

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wow can't believe I just blubbed talking to ofsted!! well I did at our last inspection actually so it shouldn't be a surprise lol.


I am so relieved, basically we carry on as we have been until the "new company" is registered then we resign our current regitration so we can stay open!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot say how relieved I am, I was going over and over in my head all last night what I would say to parents and how we might get round things etc etc.


I actually told the ofsted lady that I think I love her! lmao xD


Thanks everyone on here this site is invaluable :o

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Oh well done you :o I think we are all breathing a sigh of relief on your behalf and I think I would have blubbed as well in your position. Thank goodness common-sense prevails at OFSTED, and I'm sure that continuity for everyone must be top of their agenda.

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I registered as a partnership company when we first opened in The September. I paid £140. Then in December the partnership fell through. To my disbelief I had to re register and pay another £140 to be a sole trader.


Thankfully the cost is not so much now. But I am sure they do it just to be awkward. In my case nothing change bar partner leaving.


best of luck with new status



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