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What A Lovely Day


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Well today was the day Mrs O arrived. I was several miles away when I got the call but it didn't matter! Mrs O was one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet and she was a seriously good, honest and fair inspector.


The process was short all done and dusted in a few hours. Feedback during the afternoon session and mrs O gone before the children left at the end of the day.


I am feeling very happy and wish you all the inspector we had today :o


Operational plan and up to date SEF played a big part


Right now I can't think of a single negative thing to say about today's inspection experience, it was really just as I have always thought it should be xD:(:(

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Guest Biker

Lovely to hear a positive experience!Have to say the last inspection I was involved in was like this too.The inspector was actually a human being!!!!


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A couple of the settings I support have recently been done too, and they have both said how lovely the inspector was, so maybe we are turning a corner..


Well done Gezabel and team, glad to hear all went well.

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Is nt it nice to hear that some inspectors are human and NICE!! i had my inspection last week and have to say the inspector was very pleasant and child friendly !! makes it all so much easier but was still gald when she d gone !! :o

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Just a thought, all previous inspections have been done by OFSTED employed inspectors - this great lady yesterday was employed by one of the new 'groups' or whatever you call them. Maybe coincidence who knows, we have all had an extra spring in our step today and still cannot come up with anything negative about her or what she said.

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