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Ok, deputy on longish term sick leave, not sure when she will be back. So it leaves me without appropriate cover for one morning every other week. I have now managed to source cover for this morning. She is a HLTA with 3 years experience in EYFS. I am guessing that this will still not be suitable to count in the qualified ratio, what do you think. Working on that morning will be me (manager) level 3, another level 3 and then one unqualified staff member who is currently in a 1-1 support role with additional needs child. So if her qualifications are not relevant we will be out of the qualified ratio. We are really in a hole and this could be the difference between keeping open on this morning or having to close. I am wondering if we can leave the unqualified 1-1 support member out of group ratio so that we could get away with it. Does that make sense? sorry it's been a long day. What do you advise?

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This is from the qualifications checker:


The Higher Level Teaching Assistant Status (HLTA) is considered full and relevant where the learner has a certificate awarded by either the Training and Development Agency or the Teaching Agency, and had their practice assessed in the Early Years Foundation Stage in the maintained sector?

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Do you know if she was assessed whilst in EY or gained the experience after qualification? To be honest she's probably gained more knowledge that will make her ideal for your post than had she just gained an EY L3, you'd think her head signing on her certificate to confirm she has 3yrs EY experience should be good enough ...but it won't be that would be to sensible :-/ we have problems with our ratios too because of a small number of 2 yr olds.

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