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I would like to ask our opinion on what "Understand that they can use lines to enclose a space and then begin to use these shapes to represent objects" from Development Matters EAD.


It's probably something simple but I'm not sure. Is it using materials to make, for example, a sty and putting pigs in it on the farm? Or am I being silly?







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My understanding is when I child draws something or builds something with bricks and tells me what it is - for example draws a shape of some kind and says it is their Mum, or builds a line of bricks that joins up at both ends, then puts a toy duck in the middle and says it's a pond :)

So yes I would agree with what your thinking is too :)

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It would connect with the development of mark making and representation (blimey 30 years since I studied child development in art and it's still of use!!)

The child will move from making random marks to making marks that connect. These marks will in turn become representative of something else. So a circular shape becomes a representative of a face/mum. As their awareness of themselves (proprioception) and their own features develops they will equally develop their drawings to include details. Hence you go from "big head" with sticks for legs and arms onto a head and body etc.


The same goes for other objects - their enclosed spaces become their hoouse or a car etc etc.


Using 3d objects I would see this in relation to representation but e.g how the block is used as a phone etc. rather than lines to be honest.


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