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Sounds great... something they will remember for a long time..


I have in the past had a Santa parachute in... I was running a military setting at the time, very rural and had one of the parachute team do it for us into a field opposite.. did a nifty bit of Santa swap for meeting the children ...


We do have an annual Santa Ride in the area, local bikers do a charity run each year for local children's hospice.. quite a sightseeing 50 Santas on bikes riding through..post-3735-0-46885000-1449596110_thumb.jpgpost-3735-0-11523500-1449596150_thumb.jpg


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Wow how fantastic for you all. Not jealous, not jealous, not jealous at all. Fx


Fabulous pictures and how sensational for the children - like Fredbear I'm really not jealous at all - I'm always this strange shade of green! x

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