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I pay staff for the odd day off for sickness. if they are off sick longer then I pay SSP only. If I ever notice that a member of staff was off more than she should be (if you know what I mean) then I would talk to her about it. Nobody has - yet.

I'm a very trusting person but if I find out that they are messing about then I would have something to say to them. It hasn't happened yet and I hope it doesn't.



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I agree diesel :(

We had a chair a few years ago who wanted to be seen as employer of the year and told all staff they would get 3 sick days pd a year if not entitled to ssp, so they are better off than those of us entitled to ssp as we have to wait 4 days and rarely off long enough.

I really worry about what will happen now when we have someone go off long term sick on ssp, and especially as I'm not in the position to cover anymore as more often in ratio already now, so that would mean paying someone else to cover too :unsure:

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Nope just SSP here. I really feel that if we paid more, staff would simply take more sick. We have a problem with constant absence from certain people anyway let alone paying them for it..... That said, we do offer the option to take up to 2 days sick from holiday entitlement but only for staff members who have been with us for a certain amount of time and have 'earned it'.

One of my staff members must hold the record - only 2 days sick in 20 years employment with us!!!!

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I'm beginning to think like you mollieben. I've got a problem with a member of staff that is off quite a bit. Up to now I've paid her for her odd days off. I'm having to pay for cover her absence as well. I think enough is enough now. I am thinking of changing wording in their contracts. I'm not sure that I can change it suddenly. Will have to check.



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It is, but would they agree taking away their paid sick leave was a good thing ? and doing it without agreement could bring a whole lot of trouble....at the end of the day it shouldn't be right that a committee who more than likely will have shipped out a year or 2 later can introduce such ridiculous things on a whim ?

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