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EGM tonight re proposed takeover.

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Feeling a little nervous as we have an EGM tonight for parents to vote on the proposal that I purchase the business. feedback so far has been positive but it now seems very real despite having been a wish of mine for a long time. It will go one of two ways, nobody turns up and we are unable to get a decision or fingers crossed it goes my way. Then the hard work will really start!!

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Well I needn't have been nervous, only 2 parents, the current chair and 2 staff members attended!!! The 2 parents said yes, 4 parents voted by 'mail' but nobody else bothered does that count as unanimous? Really disheartened and wondering if I am doing the right thing

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Don't be disheartened, take it as a positive that no-one has any major objections.

I had an exact same meeting a couple of months ago and, if all goes to plan, will be changing from a charity to a limited company at the end of this summer term with my current chairperson as my business partner :-)

The very best of luck to you. If I can do it so can you!

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Have you got a healthy waiting list or can you project that it will improve after October, Christmas based on previous years?

Are the staff on board?

Is current provision in your area low enough that your business will be able to grow or at least continue?

Are the parents supportive enough to stay with you even if they dont turn up to vote for you?

I know you'll have worked all this out previously but take another look before you question whether you're doing the right thing.

Put a note out telling everyone as from whatever date, you will be a sole trader and the group will no longer have a committee of parents. Wait to see what the feedback is!

I'm sure everything will be fine, good luck :1b :1b

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If you are really concerned about the amount of parents that have voted- do what we did one year.

3 times we tried to have a vote at an EGM to no avail so we ended up with staff keeping children back for five minutes at collection time one day- and our Chair saying to parents " right- we are holding on to your children until we have conducted this EGM and you have all voted" Took five minutes and worked a treat!! We did have all our children collected at the same time then though.

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