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Ellie's Fund - Collect Baby Wipe Packets


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Have you come across Ellie's Fund? It's a group near my daughter in Scarborough, and I thought some of you may be interested


1) Collect your empty baby wipe packets (any brand) and wrap them in a thick plastic bag or box. Fewer, bigger parcels are better; so if you and your friends/nursery are collecting, please think about sending one parcel between you.


2) When you have a parcel ready e-mail info@elliesfund.com and we will email you a freepost postage label. (Ellie's Fund is a small charity, this will save us postage costs.) Drop the parcel at your local post office as soon as possible – the labels are tracked and I am only able to download more once parcels are received at the depot. If you are in Scarborough I will happily collect full boxes from you.


3) Each postage label can only be used once so if you need more just e-mail again!


The packets go directly to a recycling centre who credit Ellie's Fund with 2p for each packet received. If you would like to send your packets to us we will gladly deal with them for you, just send them to the address at the bottom of this email. The baby wipe packets are made into other items such as plastic bibs, dustbins and watering cans.


Money that is raised by Ellie's Fund goes to the brain tumour research laboratory in Leeds and to support children who are going through treatment.

Since 2010 Ellie’s Fund has raised over £60 000, supported 17 children and sent £16 500 to the research lab and £1900 towards the cost of refurbishing the children's neurosurgical ward at Leeds General Infirmary. If you would like to know more about Ellie’s Fund our website address is www.elliesfund.com


Ellie’s Fund also works to raise brain tumour awareness so I have also attached our e-petition leaflet.


‘We’, the brain tumour community, are asking MPs to discuss brain tumour funding in the House of Commons.

Brain tumour survival rates have not improved in 40 years.

Brain tumours are now the biggest cancer killer of children in the UK.

There are 16 000 new cases diagnosed every year. Of these, 85% will succumb within 5 years of diagnosis.

Shockingly, 65% more women die from a brain tumour each year than from cervical cancer.


We have until June to collect 100 000 signatures, and we might stand a chance of making a start to changing these figures. So please do sign the petition (as well as collecting baby wipe packets) and ask all your family and friends to as well. Thank you.


Here’s the link: http://epetitions.di...petitions/17419


With very best wishes,



Heather Othick

Ellie's Mum

Founder & Chair of the Trustees


Facebook group: Ellie’s Fund – Brain Tumour Trust

Twitter: @elliesfundinfo


Registered charity number 1138359




PO Box 473


North Yorkshire

YO11 9DQ


Donate to Ellie's Fund via JustTextGiving: text ELFU01 £2/£5/£10 to 70070.

Texts are charged at your normal rate.


Proud member of Brain Tumour Research

Registered charity number 1093411

Funding the fight.

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A really good idea, I have signed the petition; I knew a young boy in our village who died of a brain tumour at 13 years of age, he was in my youngest daughter's class at school. At the other end of the scale, my father also died of a brain tumour. Something as simple as saving old packets could help research to find a cure?? Count me in and I'll ask my mums to save them too.

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xD I said to one of my 'childminder' mums "do you get through a lot of baby wipes"? I think she thought it was a 'trick question' and quickly replied "no I hardly ever use them".....I then explained why I was asking and she said "oh, yes, I'll certainly be able to bring lots of empty packets along to you"! xD

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