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anyone else watching this and thinking they could never do this job?


watched the 2 programmes so far and in between did a CP day .. it did come into the discussion as we are based in local area and it raised many points during the discussions..


more info does explain how it was legally possible to make these programmes.


I have been involved in the reporting, conferences and eventual removal of children from a practitioners side more than once unfortunately so do feel for the people who have the direct contact , mine was just reporting.. could not do the other side..


well worth a look if very interesting and disturbing viewing..

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i really did feel for the foster carer in last nights episode.. she did so well and it all fell apart..


had me in bits so don't know how she coped with it all.. particularly as her family had also been involved and working with all the changes etc..

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I think last night's programme showed very eloquently the effect of the nature of their work upon social workers' mental health. When Annie sat in her car saying that she hoped she had time to process everything that had happened before rushing onto the next case otherwise it would make her ill, it brought it home to me just how difficult it must be when, as in her case, you are working with 14 families at any one time. It was no surprise to me that she subsequently went on sick leave for two weeks.


And then she had to listen and smile politely at the parent who was calling her a slime, even though she had gone to extraordinary lengths to support both partners and had not been able to go to the house without the company of two security guards.


However it also reminded me that damaged people need extensive support if they are ever to be able to live fulfilling lives and take care of themselves, let alone parent their children effectively.

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It was a very interesting programme and even though you could see the woman lovedher child, there was an awful inevitability about the end result. However, I also thought about the parents and how damaged they both are, and wondered how the hell they ever got to the state they were in...........the father said he had been abused since he was 4 years old. Where was the system of support for him, to enable him to grow into a caring, loving human being? I understod the problems, but life seeemd horribly stacked against them in many ways and I suspect that their life is going to be a cycle of repeats of what we saw on the programme. How horribly sad for everyone involved.

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