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Party At Cait's House!


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i have the home made mincemeat here so will bring some mince pies...


better get going if I am to make it though, long way to travel in yukky weather..


OK if we cook them your end.. Ill make them and bring them up.. have some filo pastry ones too


oh and some cheese and marmite twists with the left over pastry...


CU laters


have some filo pastry ones too

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Sausage plait - no problem........note to self - call in at M & S on the way.......


Hali - should be with you in about an hour OK?


:o psst....I'm a bit worried about 'the bucket' - do hope that it's one she keeps just for her mulled wine making........

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have made GF cookies for Cait .. found a bit of time and will be there shortly.. depending on that M6 around Brum.. hope to miss the rush hour there..


pleas not too much cinnamon in the bucket of wine please... not keen on it.. maybe I will stick to Snowballs instead..

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no worries i shall be ready in my little black number :oxD hope your ready for us Cait!!!!!!!!!

Just pulled up outside.......yes, that's me 'beeping'! :(


Oh, your little black number is just lovely....but......we are off to Cumbria - bound to be raining/snowing/blowing a gale.......run back and get a woolly....probably wellies too! :(

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Finley says he'll be happy to eat the squashed sasage plait xD

Ah that's good........but what about bridger? :(


Cait - we need some directions please.......we are outside the 'Flying Ferret' (sorry rea - I didn't name the pub......), so is it left or right?.......oh heck Hali's gone in now.......right this could take some time....... :o:(

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well the oven's on ready to heat things up. Any estimated time of arrival and approximate numbers yet?

Right...well....I've managed to get Hali out of the pub :o goodness, she really can drink! xD:(


So, left or right Cait? :(


Numbers......er - well there's me and my boozy friend, Inge should be pulling into your drive fairly soon......er Finleysmaid and bridger are on their way......any word from Panders - wouldn't be a party without her.......

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fancy chicken and mushroom lasagne instead of sausage plait...i've made more than i need for boxing day??

Sounds good to me! :o


got stuck in that giant car park around Brum.. always get me... will be there as soon as I can..


have to stop off to get my snowball ingredients though.. wont be long...

Excellent.......don't worry about me though.......having established that the mulled wine is being made in a rather upmarket bucket I'm happy with that! xD


Right ....so we turned left at the Flying Ferret...hope that's right......

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You lot do make me smile! xD


Enjoy the party - I'm very relieved that Sunny's the one driving!

:o well I grant you...Hali certainly couldn't.......'fraid we had to stop at another pub for directions - the Hog and Hatchet.......pubs are all that are open this time of night in rural Cumbria....so needless to say...in she goes "a large red landlord"......need I say more.......


Oh....I can see lights in the distance.......Cait - I think we're nearly with you! :(

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managed to get through the car park - well on the way.. pity about the weather visibility makes slow going..


Just as well the food is in a cool bag


got all the snowball ingredients, hope everyone likes lime juice in them..


Sunnyday drag Hali out of that pub and get on going....


going to be a good night..

Edited by Inge
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sorry girls had o get over sitting on the sausage plait ruined my little black dress :wacko:


xD I do feel bad about that.......but I wasn't expecting you to get in the back...... :o

dont worry when finley gets there it will be covered in white fur too!

:(:(:( is that meant to make her feel better :rolleyes:


Anyway.....we're still not there the lights weren't Cait's house after all.........yes, you guessed it.......another pub xD

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