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Winter Is Finally Here


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Well having only changed my duvet from the summer one to the winter one this last weekend I cannot believe how suddenly winter seems to have appeared here in the south east, it really has been pretty mild until the weekend.


Looking at the weather reports though some of you are having full on winter....Cumbria and the surrounding northern areas seem to be receiving a dusting or 2. I hope you are all keeping warm and safe and that the weather isn't causing you too many problems so far.


I don't like snow much myself especially if I have to get anywhere but always enjoy how pretty it looks, it certainly makes for a brilliant backdrop for photos.....I liked this one of some poor sheep up north this week.


Take care


Sue x


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Winter is definitely here in Birmingham too. I'm freezing, we've just moved our boiler into the garage and the key hubby gave me to open the garage was the wrong one so I havent been able to flick it on during the day, I swear he did it on purpose :o


Hopefully we wont get any snow though, I cant stand the stuff xD

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No Snow, but all ready should it decide to brave the south west again this year..


but that wind is bitterly cold and the log fire is in regular use now..and slow cooker is in regular use. ( made some lovely mincemeat in it the other day, so easy and so tasty)



Hubby who went oop north yesterday said he could watch the temp. gauge in the car drop as he went.

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It sounds incredible doesn't it? It's been windy here all week and also lots of rain, hail and sleet. I can hear the wind howling around the house at the moment. I know Cumbria is having a bad time, and was listening to the news saying that Windermere was flooding. Cait must really be getting blown around where she lives.

The Isle of Man supermarkets ran out of toilet rolls and cereal at the weekend :o and they are running out of yeast for their bakery. I think they got a ferry out overnight laiden with provisions, but all are cancelled again as Storm 10 is forecast for tonight.

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I know it is shallow when there is real risk to life and limb, but I'm just hoping my flight to Dublin isn't cancelled tomorrow! And if it isn't cancelled, that there isn't too much turbulance!

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Hanging on to everything - I could have done with a crash helmet walking home! bits of slates and tiles like confetti!

:o Take care Cait, and everyone else who is venturing out into the wind tonight!

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