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Following a discussion about the 'Lollipop Lady' outside school, a few children decided it would be fun to be 'Lollipop people'. So we had some problem solving about how to make a stick and how big it should be etc.


They decided on corrugated card (as we have a surfeit - thank you Community Playthings) and drew round a plate on the card. I cut them out as we decided it was easier with a craft knife, but under their 'supervision'. They painted them yellow then put a smaller plate on top and did the red border round the plate. Black paint next to paint 'STOP', the black line, and the people underneath.


The next problem was what to use as the stick, so we scrabbled in the shed and found some bits which we sawed up (shared job) and then they hammered a nail in through the cardboard, into the wooden handle. They'd had practice at hammering recently of course with the golf tees and pumpkin.


On went the high vis waistcoats and let the fun begin!


I think there's every possibility that all the others will want to do it too, next week ......... :o



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