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Ofsted Arrived!


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Well done, hope you can find time to celebrate. And now it's over and done you can relax and enjoy the last few weeks of term.


Nicky Sussex :oxD

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Oh congratulations! xD


What made you think it was going badly? :o


Were you 'due' to be inspected?


We are 'due' in the Autumn - but have to say - wish they would come now and then I could forget about through the Summer Hols.

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Well done you - isnt it awful thought that we dread the visits? - we shouldnt give a toot really cos WE KNOW we are doing the best for our kids - I am a bit 'anti' all the paperwork exercise bit at the moment - despite how interesting it is - apart from the journals whom uses the other stuff? other setting around here I know dont want anything else !! Anyway


RELAX, ENJOY the TENNIS/remainder of the FOOTY ( poor Ghana) and the KIDS of course !!! :):):)

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Thank you everyone


we were due our last inspection was 3 years ago on 12th July so am glad it was a little earlier. we always had 2 days as were only 3 hours, this time as we are 9-3 we had just one day, which was much nicer.


inspector was human. nice really

i felt it was not going well as was not instantly laying hands on paperwork, we ahd run out of paper towels and our order had not arrived. even though we were due there is so much else going on a tthe mo with our planning application it was a total surprise to me, also cause she didnt arrive till half an hour after we had opened!


felt it went in a big of a blur really!


one of my deputies was not in, her day off and the other one got very stressed, but other members of staff stepped up amazingly!


tis over for 3 years!

and having a relaxing weekend planning for a development control planning committee on wed about our new build, and unearthing my house!

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Hi we got Ofsted coming on tuesday and wed morn I am so scared - had 1st ever ofsted 5 years ago (4 day inspection in mainstream) got put in special measures the demontor, (sorry I meant inspector) did obs of phonics lesson and said "your outdoor area isnt very good? (yep I was totally confused too (loads of issues with the school tho they (gov's) had sacked the head and brought in an acting head from a local school) Second time in the best school ever (now closed due to restructuring of SEN) got outstanding!!!! I am really scared about this one was ok on Friday morn when I found out, then went to whole school meeting at the end of the day and got all this bumfp to read, the head said 'we didnt have to go into school over the weekend' but then sent text messages on satday and today second one has ' I will feel confident when we have put battle plan together' SMT are acting like headless chickens and I'm just confused I had told my nursery team 'we are just going to teach as we do per usual, only thing I have to do is individual lesson plans for the 2 days as I usually just do a weekly plan. feel like its going to be a long week................................... :o

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