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Hi all


Have received info. today about Kent Quality Mark - this is the latest accreditation scheme for our area. There have been many of these available over the years and we have never considered doing one.


My question is .... is this sort of thing worth the time and energy?


We are a very small rural pre-school and we are always over subscribed......what would we gain?


Think I may be suffering from end of summer term tiredness!


Would love to hear your thoughts.



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As you know, we're a very similar group. We did the Cumbria one (the pilot and the real thing) and finished in 2008. The award itself isn't worth so much as the great opportunity for us all to reflect on what we do and why - and it certainly helped when doing the SEF!

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I think we have to do it in our area to be apply to continue offering the grants. It is alot of work, and sometimes think we are doing things for the sake of doing it.


The latest one, I need to put together a welcome pack, and whats they want included. Good ideas, but them she starting talking about saving paper!!!


Best of luck

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We again went for the PSLA re-accreditation which we gained in April this year. Had a celebration party last thursday 2nd July having the award presented by the local Mayor. A great success and a very hot day.


I was undecided at the time if to go for it again myself, its alot of work and goal posts had moved yet again, but the decision was made by the committee at the time.


I think from a personal point of view it helps you to evaluate your setting, keeps you on your toes.


But i found when it came down to it, the word 'accreditation' didnt really mean alot to parents. If these accreditation schemes are expected to be used by us, maybe more publicity should be made to educate parents on the standards that have to be achieved. We all work hard and surely its not just down to us to make parents aware.


Anyway we are all pleased and proud of ourshelves its still a good achievement



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we took part in the pilot for the new quality mark when it change from the kite mark


i had to much on this year to go forward and complete all the modules


im in 2 minds, i did the accreditation for i can and nobody knows what it means


my friend at her setting did the quality mark and lot of work for self satisfaction but it ment nothing to parents

i too got paper work and just dont know what to do may go for induction day and then decide


feels like more gathering of evidence of things that we already do

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I don't know the one you refer to but I do feel it is only worth considering or doing if it adds quality and makes you reflect on your setting and how to improve it. It would often be collating of all you do into one place. We looked as a couple and decided that out local one was best for us.


As sef is not compulsory or mandatory, at the moment they have decided to continue ours instead of it. It said all they were asking for and more, and in our case was updated every year and verified by an external panel . Our LEA in fact encouraged it as we were only doing double the work by doing both. Not sure what Ofsted would say, they have not had one yet, but felt so long as you can explain your decisions and reasoning hope they would accept the work as it did all they asked and more.


It has no meaning to parents and they did not consider it when looking for places etc, but it was worthwhile for us to celebrate what we do well and to look at out practice and how we could improve it.



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strange that becuase part of the criteria for being entered on to the Kent quality Mark was a completed SEF and you so rightly said it is not compulsary

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