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I did the same, just checked book weekly/ monthly, and if found regular occurrence of same did risk assessment of area with possible solutions...





Same here, unless we see something happening more regularly, like lots in one day in the same area

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Attached is the form I used to use, I would print page 1 of the pdf as front/back page of booklet and page 2 of pdf, double sided with about 8 pages in total, enough pages for a term. On the back page we would total up the number of accidents and review risk assessment if required.

One Ofsted Inspector liked the 'real' child photo for showing as accurate as possible injury size on the face, but another Inspector at a subsequent Inspection didn't like the use of a real photo. Both Inspectors liked the review section. :o. We also found it very useful for identifying 'patterns' of accidents, how seasonal changes effect type of accidents, we even monitored gender differences, peer injury 'patterns', (ie: when it appeared lots of 'biting' was happening, when reviewed, in comparison to running and bumping into injuries, the biting was the least frequent, showing that the behaviour was effectively dealt with by staff xD )

Hope this helps.




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Cheers guys.


My mate had Ofsted recently & they wanted a hard copy monitoring form?


May just put one together incase they show!

Oh deep joy - another item for my 'to do' list then!!!



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:o At our nursery we have numbered accident/incident forms plus a log sheet. Each child has their own accident/incident log sheet in their personal folder, so if they have an accident/incident this is recorded showing details such as:-


date and time of accident/incident

accident/incident form number

whether is was an accident, incident or near miss

who logged the form


This allows us to keep track of any patterns occurring.



At the end of each month the accident/incident forms are looked at and an evaluation form completed.


We also have forms for any children arriving at nursery with cuts/bruises etc which parents must complete and sign before leaving their child.

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