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  1. Lunch Breaks

    I think we are talking the odd 5 minutes here and there.....but the other staff are getting annoyed (the old chestnut of worrying what others are doing rather than themselves!) - staff over-lap on lunch breaks (as around 6 staff go between 11.30 - 1pm) so I can't use the system of 1 having to wait until the next one is back. I think what is happening is 11.30am lunchbreak - the staff member makes a tea/sandwich and goes into the office at 11.40am - this is when they then start their break! I think a memo is a good idea (with a few other pointers so soften the blow?)
  2. Lunch Breaks

    Thank you for your reply - I did think of sending a general memo out.....but just wondered if my main point (regarding lateness) would get lost amongst the other points?...think it is the best option though. Thanks again.x
  3. Lunch Breaks

    Dear All, I hope your all well. I have two rooms at my nursery and in 1 room a couple of staff have complained to me saying other staff are taking more than their 1 hour lunch break (for example, leaving at 12.30pm and returning at 1.40pm). Should I send a memo to all staff reminding them that lunch breaks are 1hr and if staff continue to take longer tighter measures will be put into place (like signing in/out when they go on lunch) - or should I put that system into place? Thanks
  4. SEN 'action' cards

    Afternoon Guys, Although cheaper to produce myself I know....I am looking for some SEN 'action' cards to buy - with simple actions like 'change nappy', 'snack time', 'lunch' etc for a child with English as an additional language and some learning difficulties. Many thanks
  5. Staff One-To-Ones

    Morning All, Hope everyone had a good weekend. Does anyone have a sample of staff one-to-one meetings? Many thank
  6. Policies and Procedures

    Thanks very much guys - really appreciate your help
  7. Policies and Procedures

    Thank you very much Narnia - I'll take a look.x
  8. Dear All, I hope your all well on this cold and frosty morning (well in London it is!!!) I wondered if anyone knows where I can obtain policies/procedure templates? I have taken over as manager at a private nursery and the polices at the setting are quite outdated. It would be so good if nurseries worked off the same 'template' then adapting to there own nursery? Many thanks
  9. We are a private day nursery located in N19 (10 minutes from Tufnell Park/Archway/Holloway tube station) with 34 children per day. We are currently looking for a Part Time Nursery Practitioner (qualified or currently training in childcare) to join our team, the position is 3pm - 6pm Monday - Friday. Salary Offered - £ 4,350.00 - £ 5,700.00 depending on age/experience Please send your CV to emma@leapinglizardsnursery.co.uk www.leapinglizardsnursery.co.uk Assistant Nursery Nurse.doc
  10. Notice Board

    Thanks guys - I agree no parents ever look at the policies (I do provide some in the joining handbook) - I think I will get a folder/wallet and hang them. I of course display Ofsted certificate, Insurance Policy, H&S etc Thanks again
  11. Notice Board

    Hi All, I have limited space on my noticeboard which has staff photographs, First Aiders, menus, planning etc on, I just wondered what Policies other managers display and how many policies is enough? I have making a complaint, whistleblowing and a general child protection one....any there any paramount and should be up? Many thanks
  12. We are a private nursery in North London (very close to Archway and Holloway tube station). We are looking for a full time (40 hours per week) nursery practitioner to start asap. ​ Level 2 or 3 Experience in working with babies/toddlers (3 months - 2.5 years) Clear DBS Two written references Full job spec attached To apply please send CV and cover letter to emma@leapinglizardsnursery.co.uk
  13. Hi All, Does anyone have a list of interview questions for the position of a Nursery Nurse for a baby/toddler room?? Many thanks
  14. Dear All, I am having a 10th birthday party for my nursery in June and looking for a children's entertainer to run a magic show, disco, balloon modeling etc. I usually use Mr Marvel but I have left it too late and he is already fully booked. If anyone can recommend a company that would be great. Thanks :rolleyes:
  15. Sick Pay

    Thanks Debster - I had a similiar system when I worked in a office (how boring!) but I know my staff will abuse the system, I don't NOT want to pay them, but when 1 or 2 staff are constantly off every other week it is proving costly!