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  1. Lunches

    Thanks guy. I did trial Nursery Catering Company but found it very time consuming and didn't always cook thoroughly (especially the rice) so unsure. I am sampling a hot food company tomorrow - they deliver hot food to the setting. I think I need it long term so don't really want to go down the restaurant root, looking for a more established company to provide. Thanks again.x
  2. Lunches

    Afternoon all, I hope you are enjoying the sunshine I run a private day nursery in North London and we currently supply a cooked hot lunch and pudding to the children everyday. Due to some structural changes where we operate this will not be the case in September and I am looking to outsource the catering. Does anyone use a catering company who deliver quality hot meals every day in London? Many thanks.
  3. Lock Down Policy

    Hi Sunnyday. I'm in London so guessing our link advisers have been briefed accordingly! Thank you Tim - I'll take a look. x
  4. Lock Down Policy

    Morning all, Hope your all well and enjoying the sunshine I wondered if anyone had a recent/updated 'lockdown' policy that they would be willing to share? I had my local adviser come for a visit/check yesterday and that's the only thing I am missing. Many thanks.x
  5. Afternoon All, I just wondered how often you guys send progress reports to parents (of all age groups)...currently at my setting children are 'key-child' of the week once per term... a report is written by the key-person for the parent(s) detailing age stage in each of the 7 areas (the 3 prime areas only for under two's) and goals are set (between 3 - 6). I have found that as time has gone on parents are less and less interested and it seems more work for the key-person. Just wondering how often other settings give parents a report and if you would mind sharing (I have attached my sample if anyone wants - which I adapted from one I found on here a while ago). I was thinking going forward to still have a child key-person of the week once per term with some main goals and then each week (as well as when they are not key-child of the week) key-person to plan activities as per the goals as well as moving them on in areas. Hopefully that all makes sense???! Many thanks and have a lovely afternoon. xTEMPLATE.doc
  6. Nursery Practitioner N19

    Level 2 or 3 (full and relevant) early years or childcare qualification and experience of meeting the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. 50 weeks per year, 40 hours per week (x4 8am - 6pm days per week), 28 holiday per year Salary based on experience and qualifications Leaping Lizards Day Nursery (Tufnell Park, N19) provides full and part-time care for children aged 3 months to 5 years in a happy, secure, and stimulating environment. We are proud to have been rated Outstanding by Ofsted in July 2017, and work hard to continuously improve our provision. Leaping Lizards Day Nursery is committed to the safeguarding of all children, therefore any appointments are subject to receiving an enhanced disclosure from the Disclosure and Barring Service which we consider acceptable as well as appropriate references. Please email your CV to emma@leapinglizardsnursery.co.uk and I will send you a job application to complete.
  7. Thank you very much Rebecca - and sorry didn't realise there was a book section! x
  8. Morning All, Yayyyyy the sun is out...at last! I have a child (4 years old) that was born by sperm donor and his mummy has started to explain to him that she is how he was conceived. I just wondered if anyone has purchased any good books around either sperm donors? single parents, 2 mums, 2 dads, adoption etc??? Many thanks
  9. Documentation

    Thank you Moseketeer - exactly that handouts and documents I never use! I forgot about the list in the handbook.....will take a look. Many thanks.x
  10. Documentation

    Dear All, I have 101 folders of documentation and wondered if anyone knew what documents I should have on-site (in the office)....some folders are thick with dust as I can't remember the last time I looked at them! Many thanks - enjoy your Tuesday
  11. Medication Advice!!!

    Hi Rebecca, Many thanks for your reply. Our policy is very similar to your policy - the problem I am having is that GP's are NOT willing to prescribe calpol or paracetamol (even once) as per the advice they have been given (on my above link)......so I will never had a bottle/box with the child's name on???? Emma
  12. Dear All, Happy Thursday! Our medication policy has always been that we can't give any medicine unless prescribed by a doctor (including calpol and paracetamol). However a few of our new parents have been to their local GP and have said under new guidelines (as per link below) they have been advised not to prescribe (as you can buy over the counter). https://www.bma.org.uk/advice/employment/gp-practices/quality-first/manage-inappropriate-workload/prescribing-non-prescription-medication Do you guys give un-prescribed medicine to children? and if so would you consider sharing your policy? - I also read on previous discussions that lots of nurseries tend to NOT allow children to attend nursery for between 24 - 48 hours if medication is being given/temperature is developed during the day....again what are your thoughts on this? Many thanks. Emma
  13. Degree obtained in Italy

    Thank you Rebecca, I asked my local EY adviser and they had the same thoughts as me (and you) that she couldn't be paid as a level 6 and to send her on an introductory EYFS course and then Level 3. I was doubting myself and the staff member said her friend with the same qualification (and no previous position in the UK) has just been appointed a room leader? I wondered how the nursery had offered her that position with no experience/knowledge of the EYFS? Thanks again and have a good evening.
  14. Degree obtained in Italy

    Morning all, All the beautiful snow has been washed away in London! The staff (and children ) loved it last week. Wonder if anyone can help me, I have a member of staff who came via an agency, she has a Degree in Social and Cultural Educator (from Italy) which has been considered/comparable to British Bachelor (honours) degree by the National Recognition Information Centre. However she has no knowledge of the EYFS and this is her first childcare position in the UK. Couple of questions..... 1. Do you think I should get her to do a Level 3 course (on-line) to cover the EYFS/Ofsted requirements etc or just a 1-3 day course covering the basic's? 2. She wants to be paid as a level 6 (as per her degree) but I am paying her as I would a level 2 due to her in-experience/knowledge of the EYFS She does speak English but needs a little help/translation every now and then. Many thanks
  15. Thanks guys. If not I will have to put something together. Have a good Thursday.x