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We are getting bored of snack time and ideas of what healthy options apart from fruit and veg we can give the children. We have breadsticks, raisins and crackers but struggle with what else we can offer. Our snack time is at 10am and 2pm ( lunch is at 12pm)

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our childrens favourite is garlic bread..not wholly unhealthy ! just watch the fat content over the day! cheese and other dairy products ? pitta and houmous...also very popular and my lot could eat a barrow full of cucumbers!! lots of stuff on pinterest

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Just want to put this out there.....

Do we go overboard with providing snack,  in light of childhood obesity? Do all children need such a big snack in the morning, only an hour or so before lunch, and then something again in the afternoon, only an hour or so after lunch?

We have done away with afternoon snack and children don't seem to miss it. Parents were turning up at 3.00 home time with yet more food for them to eat, having filled their lunchboxes with enough to feed a navvy.

The cost is also an issue when budgets are so tight.

Quite happy to listen to others' opinions.....

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I agree playgroup 1.     Timing wise we have always struggled with when to fit snack in, we like to have had it by 11am, but sometimes this does push on a little later and the little darlings aren't quite ready for lunch by the time we need to have it!  We all sit down a the same time - we have tried snack bars etc. but never works for us although I am in awe of those who do make it work successfully and there are a great many on here that do.


TBH many years ago when I began in pre-school, it was literally one biscuit and a cup of squash, then we were told this was quite unhealthy -  fast forward 20+ years - now we are giving them so much more in terms of food groups/calories.  I'd be quite happy to go back and offer a semi-sweet biscuit and water or milk! so much easier, so much quicker, so much cheaper!

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