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Hello Everyone!


I have just taken over as a manger in a committee run pack away preschool and would be grateful for any help! My experience is as a manager in a children's home so i'm new to running an educational setting and don't really know where to start.


There doesn't seem to be any paperwork in place from the previous manager apart from a safeguarding file which have been done in recent months by our chair person and an employee file.


Does anyone have any recommendations about what else is needed? Where shall I start? I like to be very organised and things to have a place to live so at the minute its riving me crazy not knowing where anything is, not being able to access things quickly when needed and trying to learn the job at the same time.


Heath and Safety checks / templates would be appreciated.

Team meeting minutes templates?

Planning documents, Short/Long term

Trackers for learning journeys


Anything you think will help!!



Kadie :)

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Hello Kadie,

I assume you have got the relevant childcare and education qualifications to enable you to be the pre-school manager and that it is just the operational side of things that is unfamiliar?

There are lots of very useful resources in our resource library, you should find many of the things you need there. Many local authorities provide support and induction for new managers - it will be worth getting in touch with them to ask. Make sure Ofsted have been informed that there is a new manager as it is one of the notification requirements. I would also look at the Leadership and Management articles in the articles area as they will give you lots of good advice and ideas.

Feel free to ask any more questions - lots of managers here ready to help!

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Hi Kadie


That's a big task, I would start with the things ofsted will expect to see if they came to inspect, some of it may be in he Safeguarding file you have, the EYFS framework will tell you what you must have in place.


Registration certificate displayed

Single central register of dbs checks for all staff, committee members, volunteers

Staff qualifications

Recruitment info - references

Training record

Required policies

Paediatric first aid and safeguarding certs

Accident records

Medication records

Fire drill/equipment checks

Complaints Log

Daily register (children & staff)


Registration forms

Progress trackers (Ofsted seem more focussed on Childrens progress and development than how you plan)


I expect I've overlooked some important things, I'd also check that committee members have completed dbs & ey2 checks.


Good Luck in your new job

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Normanorm 11 ...have you read the statutory framework as this is probably the most important document. I am assuming that you've told ofsted about your appointment? I am a bit concerned that you've been put in this position as the framework does make it clear that you should have 2 years experience to become manager


3.23. In group settings, the manager must hold at least a full and relevant level 3 qualification and at least half of all other staff must hold at least a full and relevant level 2 qualification. The manager should have at least two years’ experience of working in an early years setting, or have at least two years’ other suitable experience. The provider must ensure there is a named deputy who, in their judgement, is capable and qualified to take charge in the manager’s absence.


I hope someone hasn't landed you in a tricky situation!

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Thanks for your replies.


Firstly I hold all relevant qualifications and have experience working in an early years setting but my recent experience has been working in the care sector, so as you can imagine a lot of things have changed in early years as things are ever revolving.


Ofsted are aware of the change in management and are expected to visit soon, hence the urgency of me being totally unprepared as the paperwork side of the preschool is at the moment non existent, I am quite concerned as to how the previous manager passed an ofsted in the first place.


I have a well capable deputy who has been fulfilling the role over the last term but she is better suited being hands on with the children. Our new chair person has been helping her with the paperwork side of things and has ensured all the legal practicalities are in place. Which is where i come in!..To get the pre-school back up and running how it should be.


I have an Early years quality support officer coming from the council on Thursday just wanted to try and get a few things up and running in the mean time and some sort of action plan in place. I think its good being able to talk to other professionals as it often triggers new ideas and thinks you might miss so thank you. Will definitely take a look at the resource library and articles. :rolleyes:

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Not sure what area you're in, but if you go on the Essex Early Years website they have some' 'quality matters' documents in their resources section.

They include a set of interactive grids/tables- in all the main legal EYFs that are really good to use, you can check off what is in place, and action plan what needs doing.



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