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New articles: safe staff and day to day safeguarding


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Rebecca has been busy with writing two new articles on safeguarding !

Safe staff

Day to day safeguarding


And a very useful list of all the documents around safeguarding you need to be aware of.


While I'm here, I'd like to introduce you all to Rebecca; our new website content editor on the FSF. She'll be contributing articles, commissioning others, keeping us all up to date with the latest EYFS news, reorganising and adding to the resource library (does anyone remember where that is?!), writing book reviews, and generally keeping us all in order.


If you would like to offer any suggestions regarding web content, I'm sure she'd be delighted to receive a PM from you. ::1a

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Thanks Helen,


I'm really excited about this new venture for me ... I've got oodles of ideas.


I have been in Early Years for a really really really long time and have worn many hats (several with feathers and glitter). The things I write are based on my experience and what I've learnt on my (interesting) journey. I'm really happy to debate articles, add bits in, have a healthy dialogue about what I've said / seen / done - I don't claim to have all the answers but you can bet your bottom dollar I've got an opinion on it!


The next planned articles are about the dreaded inspection process as that seems to be a real concern for many forum members. I am currently hunting Ann Inspector, I have tracked her down and once I have wrestled her into my net I will ask her all the things you have always wanted to know. Do you remember that book about pregnancy called "What to expect when you're expecting?" I'm planning to call the article "What you inspect when you're inspecting"



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Sounds fabulous! I have a copy of 'what to expect' and look forward to reading your version!


A huge welcome to the forum team, and I'll go and look at your links now. Thank you

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