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Meningitis Scare

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This afternoon a child in my setting became unwell, she was tired so had a little nap, woke and went to the toilet and then lay down again but said her head hurt. It was 10 mins from collection time so I didn't call Mum and Nan picked her up and I explained what had happened.

Mum phoned me 45 mins later saying they were going to Drs and she just wanted to check what had happened. She rang again an hour later to say they were on route to hospital query meningitis.

Mum is going to keep me updated but has anyone had experience of a case of meningitis as I am not sure what if anything I should do regarding the children and staff who have been in contact with the child.

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you cant do anything until you know what you are dealing with. if your worst fears are realised then you need to contact your HPO (health protection) your lea will give you the details. They will talk you through the process and what you need to do ...ideally BEFORE you open your doors.....until then I would keep very quiet! rumours will spread and you need to be in control of the situation and a=have the information to hand. You can also contact your local doctors or the childs doctor for more information.

If it is a case of meningitis the HPA may administer prophylactic medicine for staff and children (depending on type) .....this is great fun as it turns your wee bright orange!!!! :o

Don't panic ...there are lots of people out there to help your parents and staff will need you to be strong ;)


(can you tell ive done this before!! normally things don't kick in to place until there are 2 separate cases...so you may need to play a waiting game.....ours were twins so were classed as one case but they still went through some precautions. Fortunately we didn't have to go down the injections route etc) the HPA were fantastic and I spoke to one of their senior doctors....had to do the same when we had suspected case of swine flu!)

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I did have a case of meningitis within my group many, many moons ago - think I aged about 20 years overnight :ph34r: but have to say that the HPA and local GP really stepped up very quickly - we (staff and children) all had to take anti-biotics which we were able to pick up from GP (regardless of where we were registered).........this would have been over fifteen years ago - possibly even more :blink: :D

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We had meningitis in setting about 4 years ago now. Awful experience. Affected 3 children and 3 adults in the end. Have to say that HPA were absolutely fantastic. But 'bad press' is a real problem - we informed all of our parents about the precautions etc but one dad worked for the local press and decided to put us on the front page - lovely! We lost 3 new registrations because of it. When I 'google' our setting's name it is still linked with meningitis on the front page of search returns. Not nice. So pleased that it isn't meningitis in your case.

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